Monday, November 10, 2014

“YOU WANT TO (EXPLETIVE) RESIST?” More blue-clad gang thuggery from New York.

NY Deputy Attacks Man For Refusing Search Over Legal Gun


Anonymous said...

I saw this the other day and sent it to my contacts in my NY county. I sent an e-mail to the sheriffs office complaining and the others either called or wrote. Some are retired cops. Everyone should melt their lines. Don't just sit there and fume over this, let 'em know how you feel. Whether it changes anything or not isn't the point. It's the fact that they know we the People see what they're doing and we don't like it one bit....As an old maxim in law says: "If you don't object then you must agree"..

Anonymous said...

I just called the SO. They said officer has resigned and has been charged.

If he was dating that young citizen the officer would fall under the Lautenberg Amendment. I'm not sure it applies if you abuse somebody you do not date.

Anonymous said...

He's resigned and been arrested.
Story here -

Anonymous said...

If this is the whole story this is way beyond acceptable! As a retired State police Sgt. With over twenty years of service, it pisses me off to see this type of action / conduct from a police officer. This officer was clearly trying to provoke a confrontation to beat this man down! He needs to lose his Job and go to prison! Or have the shit slapped out of him"

Anonymous said...

It's frightening how many "officer Glans" there are out there. What do you do when you have the unfortunate bad luck to cross paths with an uniformed and armed bully liken this?

Anonymous said...

This rings truth to the notion that all cops must be forced to wear A/V recording devices that upload to the cloud constantly.

Anonymous said...

The glans is the tip of the penis. So this AH is a true prick, both in action and in name.
And give thanks for video; it may be the best non-lethal weapon we have.

Anonymous said...

I'm still absolutely LIVID over what I saw in that video. Should go to prison? He should go to prison for LIFE for what he did AND be put in GP. Fascist JBT's like Gans are a bigger threat to liberty than ISIS or Sadum Insane EVER was. And I'd like to know what his partner didn't arrest the fascist Gans right there on the spot?

Imagine what would have happened to me or you if it was one of US who bitch slapped that jack boot thug? Likely we would have been shot to death with the excuse of officer safety. Well, the same thing should have happened to Gans, he should have been shot right there by his partner for the safety of the citizens being assaulted and terrorized.

The partner needs to go to jail for a LONG TIME too for not arresting Gans on the spot! The partner is complicit in the crime and things like that are why I do not trust cops and I do not like cops. Because the law only applies to you and me and not to them. If the law applied to cops then Gans' partner should have arrested him, period. No excuses, no rhetoric, no BS, that's the fact.

Anonymous said...

If Officer Dingleberry had known about the camera I am sure he would have gotten violent for being recorded. We need MORE CAMERAS out there recording these Jack Booted Thugs.

Anonymous said...

Yep, this sick, hard-on has shot his last wad at any John Q. Citizen. SOP must be to rid all such examples within the LEO community. That is, until you flush a POS, the stink remains. Not having done so is how LEO's have "earned" citizens' hatred.
How can they re-earn trust?
Abide by their oath and conduct themselves as Peace Officers, not just another layer of scum.

Anonymous said...

He was charged with very minor malfeasance but nothing of the illegal detainment and search? And what of his partner who knowlingly conducted the illegal search? The 4th amendment is not a suggestion.

I would love for a current or retired Cop to explain how things became so dangerous and why these confrontations (many much worse than a love tap) are being repeated at an excelerated rate all over the country.

Anonymous said...

"I would love for a current or retired Cop to explain how things became so dangerous and why these confrontations (many much worse than a love tap) are being repeated at an accelerated rate all over the country."

Listen up then.

Because no one gives a shit about the constitution or the bill of rights. The only thing they care about is power, position, privilege, wealth, imposition of a new and "better" system, and making sure that they never lose any of it. That's why no one gets charged with felonies. The powerful need those people, pulling those triggers and knocking heads for them. They are going to protect them because they ensure power never leaves their grasp.

Current personnel are selected for loyalty and willingness to follow orders. It's been this way for at least two decades.

But they don't always get who they think they are getting.

Sadly, you can see the replacement of virtue and goodness by evil from top to bottom and witness the results almost daily now, and it is no accident.

I shit thee not.

It is worse than you imagine. I only say this because it's worse than I imagined and I, saw it coming.

Unknown said...

If you do this kind of thing, get set up with bambuser.

It will live feed the event, so if a misbehaving cop trashes your phone, you still have the evidence.