Monday, February 3, 2014

An Open Letter to Michael Lawlor, the CT Governor's Hatchet Man on Firearms Confiscation. "How's your KGB file hangin', Mike?"

NOTE: The following letter was sent via email this morning to Michael Lawlor (Some biographical details here and here. Mr. Lawlor is Connecticut Governor Dannell Malloy's hatchet man on the current tyrannical enforcement of that state's Intolerable Act. I will send him an official hard copy via snail mail today.
“You can either surrender the weapon to us, destroy the weapon, or sell it to a federal firearms licensee. After that date (January 1) that hasn’t been declared or register is banned and if you get caught, you’re going to get arrested." -- Michael Lawlor.
Mike Lawlor
Under Secretary, State of Connecticut
Office of Policy and Management, Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Division
450 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106
Dear Mike,
As Governor Malloy's volunteer hatchet man on the forcible disarmament of the Connecticut citizenry, it is appropriate that I write you directly on some issues raised by your personal collectivist appetites for control of your fellow citizens' liberty, property and lives, if for no other reason than to politely explain some ramifications of that dictatorial compulsion under the Law of Unintended Consequences and the principles of 4th Generation Warfare, under which the civil war that you seem eager to solicit will likely be fought. This is only good manners, I feel, and since the subject is rather vast will certainly take more than one letter. However, I trust that as a tyrannical collectivist in good standing you recall Ho Chi Minh's dictum:
"Cherish your enemies for they teach you the best lessons."
We do have a few things in common, you and I. I am a former collectivist while you remain one, and a rather nasty one at that, if you don't mind my saying. But as an ex-communist I am familiar with all of the known collectivist lies and more than a few of the unknown, personal, secret ones as well -- the kind that you tell to yourself when you're acting out the True Believer, as you are now.
We also each prefer to be called "Mike" rather than "Michael." It is little enough, perhaps, but it tells us something about each other. My good friend Bob Wright, the New Mexico militia leader, once told a federal policeman who was contemplating a raid upon him, "You know, in the 60s the left-wing in this country said that if the young men who fought the wars (as opposed to the old ones who started them) could sit down and talk things out, there would be no wars." He paused and then added, "We are here to test that theory." It must have worked, since there was no subsequent raid.
So I offer this letter and the ones to follow in the same spirit of mutual understanding in the hope of avoiding conflict.
You may be familiar with my name already, as I have been a leading advocate of resistance to your tyranny since my call during a speech in Hartford last April to "Resist, defy, evade and smuggle" in opposition to your new diktat.
In furtherance of that call, I have since led a smuggling campaign to provide standard capacity magazines to Connecticut citizens and I have recently received a bit of newspaper ink in your state with my Toys for Totalitarians program. This has apparently provoked a state police investigation and they have recently tried to contact me. It seemed only fair, then, that as I was a subject of your investigations it might prove profitable to make you a subject of mine. As one of the guys who broke the Fast and Furious scandal on the Internet (with the help of my good friend David Codrea) I am not without resources and contacts of my own. Why not apply them here? Why not, indeed. Turnabout is not only fair play but flattery. So consider yourself flattered.
You know it is quite ironic that on the morning I sit down to write this letter we discover that Adam Lanza (whose evil deeds were the supposed excuse for your Intolerable Act) was something of a twisted fellow traveler of collectivism being an apparently homosexual, environmentalist vegan who was anti-Christian enough to forbid his mother to put up a Christmas tree. "Gee," I thought when I read that, "This kid could have grown up to be a Connecticut Democrat politician." That he provided the bloody excuse for tyrant wannabes such as yourself is certainly the Devil's own joke -- send a collectivist killer to enable future collectivist power. Old Scratch must be laughing his ass off.
You know after just a cursory reading of your biography here and here, I realized that I owed you an apology. Previously I had described you as Malloy's "Eichmann." But Eichmann was a rather colorless bureaucrat, defining as Hannah Arendt spelled out, "the banality of evil." But you, sir, are no bureaucratic handmaiden of evil. No, to call you an Eichmann would require an apology to both you and Eichmann. You, sir, are a true believer -- more of a Heydrich than an Eichmann. Or, if you raise a Godwin's objection, shall we say a Felix Dzerzhinsky? Yes. Dzerzhinsky is certainly more fitting.
I note that while you were at UConn in 1977 you "participated in language studies in Russia in 1977" at Moscow and Leningrad. You then earned a Master's Degree in Soviet Area Studies from the University of London in 1981. You were, what, 20 when you first experienced the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War? It must have fascinated you early on in life. Yet after you got your Masters in Soviet Area Studies from the University of London at a time when that and other British universities were prime recruiting grounds for KGB "political warfare" assets, and you subsequently "received a Fulbright-Hays Scholarship to study economic reform in Hungary in 1982," you decided to change course and become, in quick succession, a lawyer, a prosecutor and then a Democrat Party politician.
Why the change, Mike?
Your KGB file might provide some clues along those lines, of course. I had a long chat with a former CIA Cold Warrior who is intimately familiar with the KGB infiltration and subversion tactics of the time of your stay in the Soviet Union. He says that you certainly have a KGB file and had a KGB officer assigned to your case with the object of making an asset of you. No one from the United States got into the Soviet Union back then without the close inspection of the KGB. NO ONE.
And what would the KGB be looking for, I asked? "A lot of dewy-eyed kids were going to the Soviet Union back then with this fascination for the other side. They thought the Vietnam War proved the evil nature of American society and they wanted to see what the other side was like. So they (the KGB) would look for someone with those misconceptions and then look for other vulnerabilities. And their recruitment operations were vast. VAST." What other vulnerabilities? I asked.
"For one, homosexuality or other sexual deviance," he answered. He drew my attention to these passages regarding the Prime case from The New KGB: Engine of Soviet Power by William Corson and Robert Crowley:
Prime exhibited most of the disabilities on the KGB check list and more than qualified as a target for recruitment. A loner, a young man with sexual problems and someone who, by his own admission, believed that the downtrodden of the world would fare better under communism. Such symptoms and attitudes assured that, at an appropriate moment, he would fall into the Soviet bag. The case is not a tribute to the Soviets' prescience but another instance of their readiness for an event such as Prime's self-selection, their single-minded patience, clerical effort, and corps of competent case officers who were trained and fully aware of what their jobs entailed.
In Berlin the Soviet support nets are massive. In addition to surveillance, drivers, couriers, police, and postal employees, they include "swallows" who specialize in foreigners who enjoy mild or other forms of perversion. . . The KGB's 'girls' . . . provide the organs with volumes of information about their clients. . . The girls are also alerted to spot the six "d's" -- discontent, disaffection, depression, drunkenness, desperation, and sexual dysfunction -- nany one of which might provide a future lever. -- pp. 390-361.
It is a matter of record that after being long in the closet, you "came out" only in 2006.
Of course Prime was not a homosexual but the KGB did not lack for male "swallows" if their target had those appetites.
In my research, I also found this KGB appreciation of the opportunities to use the homosexuality of potential assets:
"Contrary to popular supposition, the KGB is not primarily interested in homosexuals because of their presumed susceptibility to blackmail. In its judgment, homosexuality often is accompanied by personality disorders that make the victim potentially unstable and vulnerable to adroit manipulation. It hunts the particular homosexual who, while more or less a functioning member of his society, is nevertheless subconsciously at war with it and himself. Compulsively driven into tortured relations that never gratify, he cannot escape awareness that he is different. Being different, he easily rationalizes that he is not morally bound by the mores, values, and allegiances that unite others in community or society. Moreover, he nurtures a dormant impulse to strike back at the society which he feels has conspired to make him a secret leper. To such a man, treason offers the weapon of retaliation." KGB — The Secret Work of the Soviet Secret Agents by John Barron, Reader's Digest Press, 1974, (p. 207)
So, what about it, Mike? How's YOUR KGB file hangin'? Would you be so kind as to sign a release so an enterprising reporter can delve into the KGB archive and find out who you truly loved back then -- literally and figuratively?
Inquiring minds want to know.
Perhaps we can find someone who can do it without your permission. After all, as someone who doesn't blink at using the violence of the state police power to work his will on otherwise innocent citizens in contravention to the Second Amendment, you can hardly expect that the Law of Unintended Consequences would not also apply here, now can you?
As I said, we'll continue this conversation on the ramifications of your personal quest for tyrannical power in future letters. Have a nice day.
Most sincerely,
Mike Vanderboegh
PO Box 926
Pinson AL 35126


Mt Top Patriot said...

Wew! Talk about psyops and rattling someones cage full of skeletons.

Bet the bastard never saw that coming when he began to read your letter Mike.

Even if the facts of this miserable statist pricks life deviate from your assessment, no mandarin class psychopath appreciates being publicly exposed for what he is.

Thanks for that Mike, about time those running things have a little something extra special shoved high and tight right up their collectivist arses.

Anonymous said...

SLAM !!!! Take that you f'in commie homo. Sat Cong.

Mt Top Patriot said...

ps, suggest you mention a little thing about 100 heads.

I reckon elitist scum like this don't take to their secret worlds invaded so publicly, (tough shit, free people don't take to tyranny too well either). Wouldn't be too much of a stretch of logic to suppose the ripples of the truth and consequences of such things have a ripple effect right up to some other upper level tyrants in the cabal of psychopaths running things.
Don't want to see you end up like Andrew Brietbart or Vince Foster.

Matt Bracken said...

Outstanding research and letter, Mike. Keep us informed about this ommie 'Rat bastard's treasonous endeavors.

WarriorClass III said...

Brilliant letter!

Backwoods Engineer said...


Not only did you kick the hornets' nest, you stomped it, trampled it, and then took a whiz on it! The angry bees are going to be after you.

But I love what you've exposed. It totally makes sense that these statist gun-grabbers have been KGB assets, and were/are commie true believers. Not surprising many of them are perverts, either, because the commies can exploit that, as your research shows.

Thanks for taking a good whack at the collectivist hornets' nest. At this point, we are all just standing back and watching wide-eyed, admiring your courage. Soon, I suspect, we will have a chance to do our part.

I pray for you, and indeed, for us all.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy that you wrote this Mike. To the uninitiated, it all seems disconnected and bewildering. When even a piece of it is explained, everything starts to fall in place and make sense. You begin to understand who the real enemies are and answer all those important "WHY" questions.

It's also why we see nothing of it in the lamestream and entertainment media but of course then, they know exactly what's going on because they are the ones doing the dirty deeds.

Without them, there would be no ability to control information and therefore thought. Thus creating that forewarned tyranny, over the minds of man.

Anonymous said...

Extremely well done analysis MV. Urge caution as you may have hit a bundle of nerves there. Slip the sapi's in when you go out please

Be well,

MH in Ohio

Anonymous said...

Awesome letter.....

Johnny99 said...

Seems this one hasn't taken the lesson of L.O.U.C to heart. You could argue that he was ultimately to blame for the Cheshire home invasion/murders. No, the stupid is strong in this one.

Anonymous said...

How 'bout THEM apples?

Unknown said...

Awesome letter, Mike! Do you have any objections to it being reprinted in its entirety on other forums/blogs? I will abide by whatever you say, just post a yes or no, but would like very much to be able to share this with thousands of other Patriots.

Hope you're feeling well. You're a giant among men and an example to all of how to live. God bless you, Sir.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
First off, what "bubba" said.

WOW! Mike, I can just see them screeching and screaming pitching a hissiefit!!! You did good! Just be careful, 'ya got some mad hornets on the loose!

Anonymous said...

Dang Mike, did you just out another dirty KGB mole?

Way to go!

And that was just a scratch at the surface. Can barely wait to read some more. This chap is filthy dirty ...and, he must have touched and been touched by many others on his way up the ladder.

Their secret society and conspiratorial acts are daily being exposed. They don't seem to care a whit. They must feel pretty damned comfortable. And that worries me deeply.

Stay healthy Mike, God bless.


CB said...

That deserves a "Torpedo Los!"

Pericles said...

Direct hit with secondary and tertiary explosions.

Dutchman6 said...

Unknown asks: "Do you have any objections to it being reprinted in its entirety on other forums/blogs?"

Certainly not! I would especially like to see this get distribution in CT on discussion boards frequented by CCDL members, etc. But by all means, spread it to the four winds as long as you include attribution and the link.


j said...

Yes, you should perhaps notify anyone reading this that you are totally insured by the One Hundred Heads Life & Casualty Insurance Company.

Anonymous said...

Superb research. I had no idea that this collectivist hump was active in Europe during the soviet era.

КГБ definitely has a file on this guy, and since he is an up and comer in a liberal state, has easily been compromised in the past. It all depends on what his ФСБ handlers are trying to get out of him at present.

From your research, it looks like they are getting their money's worth.

Anonymous said...

That was awesome. Just awesome. Having spent a couple of years in West Berlin back in the exact time period this ass clown was in Russia, and having had some small dealing with the organs of state security of the DDR and the USSR, I can assure you that you are completely correct that he would have had a KGB file and been the subject of a recruitment attempt. You REALLY want to get that file.

x2 on the "Sat Cong".

Anonymous said...

It's on CCDL's facebook page and many members have shared it... Mike Lawlor is a scumbag in my view. He has proven it time and again.

Mike in KY said...

Damn. I love you so much... in a strictly platonic, Y-chromosome, Ron Swanson sort of way, that is.

Mt Top Patriot said...

You out did yourself Mike.

Hey, ever wonder what shitty little connections over time exist between like Gov. Cuamo, Hillary Clinton, Palosi, Bloomberg, Jarret, obama, holder, napilatino, essentially All the steenkin' statist suspects?
I mean it seems like they are all of a type, they all occupy key positions of power, they are like parrots with the same talking points and narratives, they all came into power at relatively the same time, and they all are instrumental in the same treason and treachery.
I'm saying after reading this letter to lawlor, it seems so obvious it like a KGB agent in a cheap disco era polyester suit trying to be discreet at a presidential ball.
There's no coincidences in obama land is there.

Anonymous said...

It's good to make a stand
Hold onto your land Your guns & your girls
It's the tyranny of the technology that will get the best of us

During the revolution it was musket against musket
Today it is much different

Look up to the sky see the chem-trails?
All they need to do (and they will)
Is release a binary toxin with a activator at 35,000 ft and it's over.
Hard to fight with guns when it's beyond range
I'm saying make a stand, however it will not be musket to musket like many think today
Just be aware of how this will play out
God Speed to us all

Anonymous said...

Wow! Mike, that was the best piece of verbal jujitsu you have crafted so far! Short of handing him the shovel to dig up the skeletons and showing him where he buried them at!

Good Job!

Anonymous said...

Someone posted on CCDL. Our CIA did not want Lawlor.

Anonymous said...

Mike thank you for your letter. I am forwarding your letter to those that consist of TX militia. What an inspiration you are. True PATRIOT. God Bless

Anonymous said...

Toys for Totalitarians

Is that similar to Obama’s Guns For Gangsters program?

Libertarian Advocate said...

Hah.... I've been wondering how long it would take for someone to point out Mike Lawlor's taste for soviet era Russia. He is likely very pissed now, and maybe more than a little scared.

Bill O' Rites said...

When the Soviet Union collapsed, it left behind a large number of yet to be activated "sleepers" with their raison d'être in pieces.
Some of these true believers in the socialist system decided to carry on their work at undermining Western society without the now non existent backing from the USSR. Many sought others in the same position & coined the term "progressive" to cover their tracks.
This rodent is a clear example of such a creature.

Anonymous said...

The liberals do have one thing in common:

Billy Beck said...

Smashing work, Mike. Smashing.

I'm proud to know you.

Dutchman6 said...

Billy Beck sez: "Smashing work, Mike. Smashing. I'm proud to know you."

Same here, Billy. Thanks.


mperkins37 said...

Bill Clinton spent a lot of time getting BS'd by Russian HAndlers.

Kent Clizbe said...

Good letter, Mike.

But you missed a good source of expert analysis of the KGB and its covert influence operations against America.

Willing Accomplices ( ) reveals exactly the sort of operations you discuss in your letter.

Kent Clizbe

Muzzle Front said...

While we not be as eloquent as you Mike, we do out best to entertain while educating.

I present to you the Noble 96%. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

Wap Wap Wap Wap WAP! that was a good slap up side of the head for him