Monday, February 24, 2014

Must be a smuggler's moon. A full post office box today, God bless you all.

From William in AZ I received lead, plus a marvelous copper token. From Colorado Patriot we got some politician grade AR mags and the postage to send them on. From Mark in NY we got a wonderful note, even more postage plus some .50 BMG brass, which set me to thinking about another angle with a working title of "One Hundred Heads Life & Casualty Company promotional trinkets" or maybe "Once fired brass for tyrants." From Bondmen we received his shipment from APEX Gun parts of ten Kalashnikov 30-rounders (10 for $90 special). They look great, real "freedom fighter grade" stuff. I'll get them in the smuggler's pipeline. This time probably to New Jersey. God bless you, sir. From Jeff in MN we got some AR mags and from Geoff in PA, we received some freedom-fighter grade AR/M16 mags. And from Dennis in CO and Kathy in Illinois we received generous subscription donations in addition to some uplifting sentiments. May God bless and keep you all. The smuggling route is now back in business for a little while.

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