Wednesday, February 19, 2014

NY Daily News lamely tries to cover for Cuomo on Remington’s “Escape from New York”

As long as Cuomo is in office, Illion—and indeed, all of New York—will continue to experience the decline of industry, the flight of productive citizens, and dwindling influence. But hey… at least New Yorker’s you won’t have to deal with, “extreme conservatives” who are pro-assault-weapon.”

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Dedwzyl said...

They won't have to deal with any of my money as well. We were going to visit New York (I havnt been in 20 years) to get some of that great Italian food, see the sights and basically just be there and enjoy it. Over the last few years of insanity I nixed the plans as we about bought tickets. Bad laws, rat infestations in over 50% of manhattan restaurants (no joke) outright tyranny and a new socialist wrecking the place. Keep it. I'm stuck in Cali still after the navy and every day I tell my wife I want to go back to Missouri or at least someplace sane.