Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"We don't even believe in the devil," he said. "Most Satanists don't." Uh, then, so they call it "Satanism" why, exactly?

Satanist dismisses claims of accused Craigslist killer. You know when I first heard of this it sounded fishy to me, but the quotes of the Satanists are, well, pretty funny.


Anonymous said...

They are splitting hairs.
Satanists have a very specific meaning for "satan" and "lucifer" and "devil".
Truth is ALWAYS a simple and easily understood concept. Anytime something is complex and hard to understand, you are seeing the evil that is trying to hide the truth,i.e. Wall Street= the reason you don't understand what they really do is because they are hiding the truth that they are just thieves.

Anonymous said...

Satanist following the LeVay version ( church of Satan) do not believe in a god or the devil . LeVay admitted that the name was for shock value . A little investigation and reading goes a long ways in understanding what satanist believe and their ideology .

Anonymous said...

Every satanist I've ever met is just trying to buck the establishment. It's true, they don't believe in anything. But then they go and do all these silly candle lighting ceremonies to worship their dark lord.

It's just silliness, but some would argue that many organized religion churches are just as silly.

Crazy people are crazy people. Don't read too much into it.

Anonymous said...

"Greaves says many people connect Satanism with evil, but that it really involves individuality, the quest for knowledge and rejecting arbitrary authority."

In other words: The exact same line the serpent delivered in the garden.

I was going to say that if the devil did show up in physical form, once he convinced these folks he was real, he'd have them eating out of his hand in no time. However, the truth is, He already does--and at the same time that he's pulled his greatest trick.