Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dobyns case highlights continued ATF failures, corruption and abuse

Calling the case “discomforting” and “wrenching,” U.S. Court of Federal Claims Judge Francis Allegra ordered yesterday’s closing arguments in Tucson open to the public in the case of Dobyns vs. United States, KGUN9-TV reported Tuesday.


SWIFT said...

I have long known that the ATF was a group of shit bags, having witnessed their childish shit both locally and in Knob Creek, Kentucky. But I am exceedingly delighted to see DOJ being exposed in this trial. While it had been touched on before, the U.S. Attorney's office, neck deep in abuses,seemed to be getting a pass. Hopefully, via the Dobyns case, that era has ended.

Anonymous said...

Mike, take a bow!

I know the Dobyns case is only tangentially related to Fast & Furious, but IMO this wouldn't be considered "newsworthy" had it not been for your and David's expose' of BATFE.

Perhaps you even emboldened the judge to take the unusual step of opening closing arguments to the public.

Prayers for you, and something tangible soon to follow.