Friday, February 21, 2014

Bloomberg flacks continue planned attacks on Second Amendment

“Should we amend the Second Amendment?” Paul M. Barrett of Bloomberg Businessweek asks in a Thursday hit piece designed to legitimize an edit proposed by retired “hero of the political left” Justice John Paul Stevens.


Anonymous said...

Poor John Paul Stevens. Age related dementia causes folks to blather on about nonsense. He probably blurted that out during his diaper change.

Carl Stevenson said...

Stevens is a traitor to the Constitution. What he "thinks" is if no consequence (and I'd tell him to his face).
The only thing that matters (and the only thing he'd rule on if he weren't an oath breaker) is what the Constitution SAYS. (... Shall NOT be infringed)

SWIFT said...

I say let the left go for it. Once they see the horrific consequences of a domestic war and are being hunted down like rabid dogs, it'll be too late for a change of heart. The elitist left want a reduction in the population and this is their opportunity to get it and my opportunity to give it.

Anonymous said...

They can amend or repeal whatever they want. RKBA predated the Bill of Rights. look up US v Cruikshank. Repealing the 2A wouldn't change that. But as a prime example of "the Law of Unintended Consequences" it would move FedGov firmly into the category of an unjust government per Jefferson's Declaration of Independence.

And we all know (or should) what he declared our duty was in that case.