Sunday, February 23, 2014

Colt appears to be moving forward with military weapons facility in Kissimmee

Colt's letter explains a merger between two companies under the Colt name caused major delays in pending projects like the one in Kissimmee. Now that it's been settled and the newly formed Colt's Manufacturing Company LLC has every intention of moving in this year.


Anonymous said...

Gov. Malloy seems to be suffering from a convergence of two serious psychological maladies at once: A god complex along with general psychosis.
Being either a gun owner or a LE officer in Connecticut is only going to become more dangerous, as fools like Malloy lack the capacity to admit when they're wrong.

Dan Ryan Galt said...

Don't worry, old Danny Boy has it covered here in Connecticut. He's doing his best to drive every manufacturing job that he can out.

Kind of ironic that he is such a gun control freak and legal pot pusher given the history of his son Ben. Or is that why he does it?

His crumby kid got accelerated rehabilitation without jail time. If I had done what Ben did, I would be doing time at the Somers prison. Rules are for the little guy I guess.