Friday, February 28, 2014

Another alternate universe heard from.

ACOLYTE: ac·o·lyte, noun \ˈa-kə-ˌlīt, -kō-\
1. someone who follows and admires a leader
2. someone who helps the person who leads a church service
Well, you can't make everybody happy. Just received this email, apparently -- given the cc on the thing -- from one of Kerodin's acolytes.
-----Original Message-----
From: Lynn A. Stokes
Sent: Fri, Feb 28, 2014 8:53 pm
Subject: Leader of 111?
Quote from your letter;
Praying that my advice fares better than Cassandra’s, I am, sincerely,
Mike Vanderboegh
Smuggler and alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters
Since fucking when? You are not the leader of me or of quite a few folks.
Fuck off and die asshole
Lynn A. Stokes
Eastern Pacific Yacht Delivery Service
Morro Bay,Ca.


Anonymous said...

That's funny right there. I guess since she's not in your particular merry band, you have no merry band. Too bad for you, I thought you might really have something going there. Now Captain Douche has dashed all my hopes. Alas.

Anonymous said...

Ol' carrot head sure attracts a unique type of people. When are they going to slink off to their patch of rocks out in idyho and (please) leave the rest of us adults the F--K alone?

P.S. I still wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire!

Anonymous said...

So, tell me Mike. You accept rude insulting emails from this guy and his followers, but not from me, a loyal supporter? What gives?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't want to be your leader Darl-ing Lynn - to much potty mouth!


Anonymous said...

Seems he's a product of the Californian education system.

Perhaps the big words like "alleged", "a" and "merry" were beyond him.

Clearly you weren't claiming to be "his" leader.

Anonymous said...

King Kerodin's Kleptomania.

Allen said...

I love how she had to forward a copy to K too, as though she's desperate for someones approval.

Anonymous said...

Lynn must be new here. Bless her heart.

I was wondering when the short bus would arrive. It really has been too long. We should keep in touch more often.

Drew Rinella said...

I don't put too much stock in the opinions of vulgar yacht captains in California. Or anyone in California.

Anonymous said...

Vocabulary lessons from Spike Lee.

Anonymous said...

well, salt water does tend to cause corrosion...

Anonymous said...

Well, I was wondering when the infill-traitors would show up to deny, disrupt, degrade, and deceive!

Too bad the collective intelligence of the feral agents is less than that exhibited by a bag of hammers.

How much you wanna bet he makes his living at the helm of boats that were confiscated by the DEA?


Anonymous said...

You can tell something about a man by the company he keeps. K's people seem to be nearly exclusively vulgar and dim-witted.

SWIFT said...

Ya think maybe Captain Douche was promised free docking privileges in Connecticut, in return for a nasty gram?

Anonymous said...

The dumbass is just jealous of the fact that you live in a much freer state than California. Who cares what the Kerodian assholes think? I wish you would just quit helping them publish their thoughts about you. I don't see how that does anything but give them free publicity.

Walter Zoomie said...

Great. Here we go again.

I have a couple of questions for you, Mike.

Why even post email sent to you and FORWARDED to Kerodin?

Why not simply bask in the warm glow of the deserved movement-wide admiration for your skewering of these douche-nozzles in Connecticut?

You do good work, but shit like this demeans you and your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Drinking and emailing... never a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Some people lead themselves, and they find themselves in the company of others who do the same. Interestingly, though they have no leaders in the hierarchy sense the leadership of self sees ideas of all stripes come to fruition.

And then there are those who cannot lead themselves - they have no moral compass setting principals to guide them. They are just sheep looking for an idol to worship AS IF they were a leader. One of those sheep goes off in a random direction and other sheep think they must follow that "lead". The idols then naturally feel empowered by their following and this absolute power then easily corrupts the already weak minded fools.

Kerodin wants to claim ownership of an idea, one demonstrated centuries before his birth. While Mike just wants the ideas success to reappear - for the benefit of all freemen and Liberty itself.

This bit of idolatry took place now out of jealousy. Kerodin is just a sheep going random directions calling his aimless idiocy "leadership". And it's showing as ,,,,,,well,,,,,, can you say "KGB"? Lol.

Anonymous said...

Come on Mike,

Let the fools be fools. There's no reason to degrade yourself by even responding.

Getting in a pissing match (like has happened in the past) is counterproductive to all your efforts. It's like punching a special person that has insulted you, it's just sad.

It also derails the effectiveness of your important work.

Anonymous said...

New to this blog (great work btw).

war of words between 3per bloggers?
What gives?
Just curious.

flyover III

Anonymous said...

I agree with Walter Zoomie & anonymous at 11:52 am.
I love you Mike but stop posting crap from Kerodin or any of his followers. Please.


Anonymous said...

flyover III: If you're new to this blog, you should know that you would have never heard of "III" had it not been for Mike Vanderboegh.

Neither would the piece of shit Stokes ingrate who attacked him.

Or anyone else who identifies as a "Three Percenter."

Lynn McFadden said...

Do take it too heart. I lived next door in San Luis Obispo for many years and everyone referred to it as 'Moron Bay'. Now the secret is out as to why.

Be of good heart.
Lynn M McFadden

Anonymous said...

Sounds like somebody has a yeast infection.

Anonymous said...

A refresher for newcomers and a reminder for those criticizing Mike for bringing it up again:

Not being accepted here for various reasons, mostly involving attitude and an extortion conviction, K took the III symbolism and formed a new group. The K group doesn't like what Mike is doing and vice versa, but they share the same symbolism.

How does one tell them apart unless Mike publicly denounces them from time to time? Had K named his group something else there would be no need for Mike to do this. Therefore, K has forced Mike into this position, so stop blaming Mike for doing it!!!

When the K group does something stupid and shameful in the future, which will be no surprise to us, then the public will frown upon Mike's group simply because we have the same symbolism. Mike will then be able to say, "It is documented that I was using that symbol long before K and I have publicly denounced him for years." On that day you will thank him for bringing it up again and again.

Anonymous said...

The powers that be love this pissing match. Ignore him and keep writing these inspirational letters. You have my support.

Jim Klein said...

Anon 3/1 19:05: Classic groupthink, but this was your serious error...

"Therefore, K has forced Mike into this position..."

Uh, no. The one thing Mike and K share, at least since the pissing match started, is that nobody has forced anyone into anything. It's all just a CHOICE, as is everything YOU do, whether you admit it or not.

Pick a group to lead your life if that's what you want, but understand that the very largest group--by far--in this battle is going to be those who refuse to live like that. They will form groups in their missions, and have leaders in those contexts...but their lives will remain as they are, all their own. As you will see, this is non-negotiable.

The battle has ALWAYS been individualism versus collectivism.

Anonymous said...

Jim Klein, it's happened many times before, especially when churches split, for the two groups must make it very clear to the public they are not associated with each other. The publicity not only prevents confusion, but creates distance so one group is not embarrassed by the actions of the other. Unless, of course, the new group has a name which cannot be confused with the original group.

Rather than take the topic in another direction simply admit it: This pissing match would not be happening if K had not taken and used the III symbolism. Nuf' said.

Jim Klein said...

Got it, Anonymous; you believe that's the sine qua non. Therefore...what?

I don't really care about your imaginations of counterfactuals anyway. I was speaking of the facts, and everything I wrote is true.