Thursday, February 20, 2014


If I may paraphrase, it is better to light a smuggler's lantern than to curse the tyrannical darkness.
The stenosis worsens, apparently. Spent most of yesterday pukin' up what passed for lunch and then trying to sleep off the nausea. Finally got my referral to the UAB specialist though, and will be headed in there next Wednesday for tests and evaluation after two years of circular same-old, same-old. Praise the Lord.
We're back to being out of magazines for the smuggling campaign, so if anyone has any they'd like to donate, remember to label them according to function -- "politician grade" (non-reliable/non-functional) or freedom fighter grade (suitable for reliable use on tyrants). Will be taunting some more New York politicians as soon as I get more fodder. Cheapest way is to send them via USPS to PO Box 926, Pinson, AL 35126. If you want to send via FedEx or UPS, send to 6635 Womack Road, Pinson, AL 35126. Also, a reminder that although my email is, my savings and loan will not cash checks or money orders made out to "George Mason" or to "Sipsey Street." Nor will they accept for deposit the one I got the other day made out "The Smuggler."
Per requests, I am working on an open letter to the MD state police. I keep getting criticized for such letters being "TL; DR" (too long, didn't read). The attention=deficit-disorder-plagued kibitzers on ARFcom will likely be disappointed in the MD letter too. Such is life. They are, of course, welcome to write their own letters to law enforcement and put their real names and addresses on them. They can make them as short as they want with their own asses on the line. Not holding my breath on THAT one.
Keep me in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

praying for you. God Bless.

WarriorClass III said...

Amazing that so many people wouldn't take the time to educate themselves, and that's what your letters are - an education. Such laziness on the collectivist blogs is to be expected, but not here.

Being able to defend your position in any argument is an essential tool, and your letters go a long way in helping people to do just that - if they bother to learn from you. And if they can't do that, they will never have anyone follow them or even listen to their own ideas, even people who would otherwise be on their side, whether in an argument or in a battle where they need the support of others.

But you can't teach those that refuse to learn, or think they already know it all. So keep it up for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

"Too long; didn't read?"

Oh, yeah, we are screwed.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the letter campaign is as it should be thanks to your command of language. What would the world be like if other journalists or activists learned the language as you have clearly done through your years? It boggles the mind.

I think your letters are concise and length is trivial. Content is key and thanks to the tyrants, there's no lack of that.

Keep on doing what you do and thanks from all of us in the fascist states . God bless you!

bondmen said...

OK Mike! You are our man on the firing line, support and supplies are a big part of successfully winning any conflict, so I have ordered a shipment of AK mags from Apex Gun Parts to be delivered to your PO Box.

The link is or click on bondmen.

I really do enjoy helping your Patriotic efforts in support of We The People and our Constitutional Republic. Forward!

Anonymous said...

Stenosis: Try "Nerve Tonic" available at It contains Lobelia which relaxes and opens things up.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for continuing to fight the good fight.


Anonymous said...

I for one think the letters are thoughful and well written. They are meant to educate. A quick 'threat' or boilerplate constitutionalism composed only for the immediate moment won't stand up to repeated reading by Politicians, LE, Judiciary and especially the Press.
These letters will still be here when you are not.

Freedom First 1775 said...

Mike, I'm sure there were many Colonists who couldn't be bothered to read Common Sense either... And yet, others shouldered the load and bought Freedom even for them.

We're praying for you Sir!

Anonymous said...

Prayers launched, nearly every day. Wish I could provide materiel support again, but, still tapped. Lord bless you and watch over you.

Anonymous said...

I suppose you could write a letter which simply says, "Molon Labe", but thet's too short to be taken seriously. So what is the perfect length for a letter which allows you to say everything you feel is important? One page? Two? Just saying, length is arbitrary; most of those who complained have no problem reading feature-length articles in a magazine or newspaper. For sure they read more than that in school, but if it's too much for them to read your letters then chances are they wont' be of any use in this cause later on. Personally, I thought they were spot on!

Unknown said...

Send one to NJ!

Anonymous said...

And today's news, LWRC is leaving Cambridge (MD) after a buy out by Colt. Maryland's gun laws have caused another casualty. More tax dollars, and badly needed jobs.

Anonymous said...

Mike, can you take the envelope addressed to you along with the check, endorse the check "the smuggler" or "Sipsey Street" and show the bank teller the envelope addressed to you & then co-sign the check (for deposit only) and plug it into your bank account.
I formed a couple of corporations several years ago and whenever I get a check, it ends up with 2 endorsements and then deposited. NEVER HAD ONE HITCH with that plan.
Take care (and finish ABSOLVED).