Monday, February 17, 2014

"Connecticut's rash of civil disobedience is not some shallow leftist game."

America is closer to a tipping point than at any time since the Civil War. Is the Left really eager to push the nation's divide any wider?


William Flatt said...

In a word, YES.

Yes they are... they want it to happen. We merely need to insure that when it happens, it is brought to a swift and decisive victory for us.

Anonymous said...

Ya, its not going to resemble "occupy wallstreet" lets all camp out and do drugs type stuff.

This will be heavily armed LE-fingers on triggers-blood on the wall-dead men & women on the floor type stuff.

Tyranny & oppression writ large from the barrels of statist guns.

Lawlor's dogs are yanking at their chains.

paul4utica said...

If the flag goes up the pole it is going to be blood red in many areas....maybe Hartford and Albany are going to be the next Lexington and Concord.

I bet the vast majority of the three percenters are going to be the black gun patriots because left up to hunters they are the .003 percenters. As long as they can kill Bambi once a year and buy their one box of ammo and hit their 100 yard target in a 10 inch group they are happy as commies; they could give a rats ass about freedom,,,here in Central NYS the hunters are not well liked by black gun patriots because as a general rule they do not support the cause. Half of Remington Arms employees are DemocRATS voting for these Nazi pigs in Albany...they deserve to be shut down in Ilion...and they will now, just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

My advice for neo-socialist gun grabbers would be to Google "graphic gunshot wound".

This is the reality that progressive authoritarians are in the process of rudely shoving all of us towards on a massive scale.


Anonymous said...

Understand this.
When they come for your guns, they will use your family against you. You make a stand and they will deem you in media as a crazy holding his family hostage.

Be smarter than them. Send your family out and more importantly send them with the information to share about what us ACTUALLY happening. Make A PLAN.

My family already has one. Does yours.

Anonymous said...

My family's plans to to help kill the invaders.

Gunny G said...

Anon @ 1801.

Well said. Include trusted neighbors in that game plan.

Anonymous said...

I think Lawlor needs to be the first one to know how it feels to become a target. He started this crap, let him feel the wrath of the pissed off citizens.