Friday, February 21, 2014

This will go on until a considerable number of these thug savages get their heads blown off for bringing fists to a gun fight.

Louisiana police arrest two in possible ‘knockout game’ death.


Anonymous said...

Just one more reason why I NEVER leave the house without my trusty .38 snubnose (loaded with hydroshocks). I recommend all others do the same.

SWIFT said...

It would appear that John Bannon, like so many others, believed he lived in a civilized society. He went about his life unarmed. We do not live in a civilized society. It is a jungle, inhabited by a exceedingly large population of primitive savages. Primitive savages only understand one thing: A sucking chest wound from at least a .30 caliber handgun. That split second, before they give up the ghost, they might think, " boy did I make a mistake". This, of course in mere speculation, because they might, "go to their reward", just as breathtakingly ignorant as they lived. But, who really cares what their last thoughts were, as long as they are dead? Making thugs dead, has two distinct advantages: One, it cuts down on prison recidivism rates, and Two, it opens up business opportunities to rent out professional mourners.