Friday, February 28, 2014

NRA opposition to Surgeon General nominee lacks credible deterrent

Once again, on the way to the congressional hearing, the NRA weeniewagon spins out.
The fact remains, without the assurance of a consequence, senators will be free to confirm someone Mr. Cox accurately describes as disastrous, with absolutely no repercussions to their NRA grades or to their eligibility for endorsements and financial support. NRA members and gun owners who pay for all that and find it troubling should contact ILA and ask what such halfway measures without any teeth are supposed to accomplish.


Anonymous said...

The NRA higher-ups laugh at the fools who send that organization money with any inkling that the right to keep and bear will be defended by it.

Why does grading system have no teeth? Well. So that the NRA can help the likes of Harry Reid hold office.

Wake up folks. The NRA really is the best disguised gun CONTROL group in the country. So STOP supporting GUN CONTROL organizations !!!

Anonymous said...

The NRA does far more than any of us can ever do to defend our rights. It's alright to constructively criticize them, of course, but this incessant putdown of The NRA with every possible lame excuse is simply bullshit! GROW UP! Realize that The NRA is part of the solution, not part of the problem. The NRA are your brothers and sisters in this fight.

Anonymous said...

Lol @NRA apologists. They demonstrate their own ignorance about what the NRA actually does, has done and is doing.

Right now, today, I'm the here and now, the NRA is basking in the limelight of helping ISP impose the strictest shall issue legislation in the country. No, not fighting it, but HELPING impose it. Remember now, this permission slip structure is NEW. There was NO structure until the NRA partnered with DEMOCRATS - instead of standing and fighting them.

Of course the NRA now celebrates. It's created a money grabbing gold mine in Illinois where folks gotta beg and pay the state but guess what - they gotta beg and pay the NRA too - for "training".

But hey ignore all the facts spanning a century where every infringement step forward just happens to have a NRA deal attached to it if you so choose. It is one fact after another YOU choose to deny.

You folks are just days away from witnessing an epic FAIL by the NRA and it's underlings. A FAIL they were told would happen if they did what they did. They didn't listen. They just went forward with their GUN CONTROL (they like to pretend is carry legislation).

I'll say it again because it us TRUE.
The NRAs "state level preemption" POSITION is PROOF that it IS a GUN CONTROL ORGANIZATION! Some fools just fail themselves to understand what words and positions mean. Instead they like to attack the people who are daring to tell the truth.

So let's try this. Explain to me, and everyone else, how a group stands for INDIVIDUAL liberty while ARGUING AGAINST THAT and INSTEAD arguing FOR state government CONTROL over that enumerated right (as opposed to individual control over their own liberty).

Good luck with that, fellas. Good luck trying to figure out how to explain how a spade is not a spade.

From magazine limits (Three shot plugs in shotguns ) to background checks (including government accessing your medical records before deciding to give you permission), the NRA is kneel deep in forming and holding GUN CONTROL MEASURES.

Pretend otherwise if you must , but realize that the only one you fool is yourself. The NRA simply isn't what some think - or wish- it was. It is a tool of government used to augment government control over the Citizenry. The sooner you naysayers face that - the better. You see, when folks face this and confront it directly, those operating the NRA this way will either away and so will the gun control it currently SUPPORTS!

See that yet?!

Quit being NRA stooges. Quit letting the NRA make you look like a tool and a fool. Recognize what is right there before your eyes!!!!

Make in mistake - the NRA is not a gun grabbing organization. I make no such claim. It IS HIWEVER A GUN CONTROL organization. It wants government to have control so it can delegate some of it to the NRA. And that's is EXACTLY what's happened.
Sometimes truth hurts and these truths about the NRA do hurt. How about hammering the NRA about them?

Or is it exposed that you couple of elites LIKE that government control ? Hmmm? Yup. Bet yer both solid union backing democrats too.


Anonymous said...

I think the truth is actually somewhere in-between. I am a life member of the NRA they do some good work but they do also support jerks like Harry the horrible. They also will cut deals. There should be no deal on freedom. But I also think that some people shouldn't be able to carry (mentally ill, violent felons). I guess each of us have a little consternation when it comes to this.
I have cut off money donations to them based on recent events. I wish the members would force them to be less friendly to the left.