Monday, February 17, 2014

'80% receivers' go mainstream

That would indicate that anyone buying the jigs is planning to build several "off-the-books" guns (which he can never legally sell), or, alternatively, finds the anonymity to be worth paying a premium. For the forcible citizen disarmament jihadists, neither of those possibilities can be very comforting. And anything that makes them uncomfortable is a good thing for Americans.


Anonymous said...

Amazon sells 80% receivers.

CzarChasm said...

The idea of "under-the-radar" builds is hardly a new one in my circle of friends. There's even one group in one small corner of the interwebs that has a manufacturer of 80% lowers in its membership, and many have taken advantage of a logo-version with the site's logo machined into the mag-well that that member has made available. I wouldn't try to guess how many they've sold, but more than one round of production runs suggests that they've had pretty fair response. To keep the "stealth" nature of building from an 80% starting point intact (as much as is possible anymore), I won't say if, or how many, I may, or may not, have purchased.

Anyway, I was kind of surprised to find a tenor of surprise at the burgeoning 80% lower market from the author. It's a fairly ubiquitous topic of discussion at every venue I frequent that has anything to do with guns, whether a cyber venue or a meat-world venue. It's kind of Alinsky-esque, using government's own laws against them. If the author is right that it's becoming more mainstream, aside from wondering where he's been, I'm glad someone is writing about it, though I'm not sure that he's mainstream enough to give the practice any increased momentum.

Anonymous said...

80% receivers - some hundred dollars
springs, pins, trigger assembly - a "few dollars more"
barrel assembly - even more dollars
upper receiver - ditto
dot-it-yourself completed rifle - more the the cost of factory assembled
Off the US Big Gubbment and BATFEces records - PRICELESS!!

B Woodman