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Ideological onanism: "Resistance is Futile" Collectivist named Carl Woodward defeats an entire army of "Republican Fascist" strawmen and becomes a legend in his own mind.

War is an ugly thing but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feelings which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself. — John Stuart Mill
The attack of the "fascist" strawmen.
Dear Comrade Carl,
Several of my friends forwarded to me your column "Militant Republicans: Nope, you aren’t going to overthrow the government." They tend to take such "resistance is futile" columns seriously, and thus, they were taking you seriously. You describe yourself as a "freelance political consultant and campaign strategist in Northern Virginia." Ah, but comrade, you are so much more, and less, than that, now aren't you?
For a guy who describes himself elsewhere as a "hard-line leftist eagerly looking forward to the dictatorship of the proletariat" on a radio show that uses for its theme music The Internationale, well, "freelance political consultant" sort of underplays your ideology, doesn't it?
I paid you the compliment of listening to that show, and picked up that your main mission, as you stated it, was "holding the fascists at bay" and that "I'm okay with partisan if you're playing for the right team." You also stated that "ideas of freedom and liberty can be used to advocate whatever they want it to" and that you were impatiently "waiting for capitalism to dig its own grave."
You further stated that "we (Americans) are the parasites who are living off poor slaves in China" and that "the U.S. is a global parasite." Your unabashed socialist advocacy is quaint, if still dangerous. As I explained in a talk in New York state last year, the difference between communists and socialists is that a socialist is a communist who has not yet found his AK-47 or the will to use it, whereas a communist is a socialist who has his AK-47 firmly in hand and murder in his eye -- for the dictatorship of the proletariat, or the "New Soviet Man" or whatever collectivist lie the party, any party, is pushing these days.
Well, okay then. I'm rather in the middle of a lot of things right now, so I was reluctant to waste time on another muddle-headed firearms confiscationist extrapolating from his own cowardice the omnipotence of the federal government. However, since you have in these other venues more honestly outed yourself as a Marxist collectivist, if not a communist, then I AM the right guy to engage you, for I am an ex-communist myself, and I know all the lies -- especially the ones collectivists tell themselves as well as those they tell to others in service to advancing the "dictatorship of the proletariat."
Your first lie is found in the headline to your jeremiad, addressing it to something called "Militant Republicans." Since you capitalized the word, I'm assuming you meant members of the GOP in which case the term is an oxymoron on its face -- in 20 years I cannot recall meeting someone from that nis-named party who carried a GOP card and was by any description "militant" -- they are to a man, spineless, gutless, compromise-addicted Caspar Milquetoasts. Now I am a small "r" republican, in that I believe in the rule of law and the Founders' Republic, in free men and women and free markets, and that the Constitution extends to everyone regardless of race, creed, color or religion. In proof of that assertion, I am proud to present as evidence the certainty that I have been on the enemies lists of the previous three White Houses, regardless of party.
As we both know, the collectivist use of language is the principal way the argument is won, by framing the "reality" within it ahead of time -- intellectual preparation of the battlefield, as it were. This is where the term "assault rifle" came from, applied to semi-automatic rifles by your fellow collectivist Josh Sugarmann in order to advance his firearm confiscationist agenda. Thus your use of terms such as "militant Republican" and "fascist" is designed to create the strawmen you intend to defeat. Perfectly understandable, but not very admirable in someone who styles himself as an "intellectual." Facile and sloppy, really.
Here is the next series of lies, all in one paragraph:
This is the psychology of fascism. Like most psychological disorders, you can’t argue with it. You can only give these people a reality check, and remind them that democracy isn’t here to protect liberals from their rightful right-wing overlords. It’s here to protect the right, too.
Okay, let's take these lies ad seriatim. First, is the application of "fascism" to folks who do not seek to dictate anything but are largely motivated by the desire to be left alone by an oppressive regime. The second is to characterize their beliefs in terms of mental disorder -- another favorite communist tactic. Third, you speak of "reality checks" in the same sentence as "democracy" but then we've already established out of your own mouth that you don't believe in "democracy" but rather in the dictatorship of the proletariat. Your abuse of the term democracy is of a part with "militant" and "fascist" -- just one more lie of false terminology to defeat your strawman opponent army. As far as "reality checks" go, I'll have more on that in a bit -- for you.
Your ignorance of military affairs as applied to what no doubt would be a Fourth Generation Warfare-style civil war in the United States is laughable. You may begin your tutorial with: "Tyrants beware. 4th Generation Warfare: How the next civil war will be fought."
Mind, at least you didn't threaten us with the omnipotence of the federal government and their big, bad invincible army as most of you "resistance is futile" types do. In any case, the military is made up, especially in the tip-of-the-spear outfits, mostly of OUR sons and daughters. We're the ones who raise our kids with the idea of service to the Republic. Issue them orders to go kill grandpa for the temerity of owning something the regime has decided he shouldn't have and see which way the government-issue rifles get pointed.
But then you don't believe there are enough of us who possess the courage of our convictions to resist. Strangely, this defeatism bleeds over to you own side when you said on the radio show: "I really do not see the people with their pitchforks doing anything about the elites."
Yes, but then we don't limit ourselves to pitchforks, do we?
You say in your article: "If the right ever gets around to exercising those 'Second Amendment remedies' . . . there isn’t going to be much of an America left to save." True, if it is fought according to Third Generation Warfare principles, but it won't be. Fourth Generation Warfare has for its strategic target the few inches of grey matter between the ears of the enemy war makers and decision takers. This target can either be influenced by moral suasion, inducement of fear of personal survival, or -- failing that -- directly by a precision-guided MatchKing bullet out of the rifle of a citizen. No collateral damage necessary. As I have written and said many times before:
They will fight to the last ATF agent or to the last oath-breaking soldier. Will they fight to the first senior bureaucrat, the second Congressman, the third newspaper editor, the fourth Senator, the fifth White House aide? Can they stand Bill Clinton's rules of engagement?
Since I am in a bit of hurry to get back to my work, I'll refer you to my essay on 4GW cited above for Bill Clinton's rules of engagement as they apply to you. Just understand that they DO apply to you. So it is not necessary for armed resistors to regime tyranny to kill indiscriminately as governments do. It is only necessary that they kill enough, well, people like you. Intellectual apologists of mass murder. Collectivist liars demonizing their enemies. Supporters, no doubt, of a "democratically elected" benevolent government's untrammeled right to attack its deranged, fascist opponents. Oh, you didn't mean that? Well, you'd better explain that to somebody before it's too late, hadn't you? That is a "reality check" you'd better contemplate.
You see, they don't look at it as "overthrowing the government." As I explained in my speech at the Alamo last October, they view your ilk as the revolutionaries who have been attacking the Founder's Republic quietly for over a century. They are in fact counter-revolutionaries to the collectivists' revolution. They are fighting for a restoration of the Founders' Republic.
My advice to you? If you can't give up Marxism, then at least try not to piss these people off by calling them lying names. There always is that Law of Unintended Consequences, isn't there? And these folks ain't no army of strawmen.
Mike Vanderboegh
Anti-communist, arms smuggler, and alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters.
PO Box 926
Pinson, AL 35126


Anonymous said...

This idiot believes we don't exist because we haven't initiated violence. He doesn't understand that we have morals and understand deeply the concept of right and wrong.

Let the government start the violence (as they already have) and the people will rise up and crush the stupid immoral satanic tools.

I pray that enough of us wake up in time to avoid the bloodshed. However I fear this useful idiot and his kind just won't see the light until it's the muzzle flash of freedom in his face.

May God have mercy on his soul.

MissAnthropy said...

Ideological onanism will make you go ideologically blind, ya know.

The slayer of strawmen seems to be a case in point.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the lesson on deconstructing these Marxist techniques.

If you have the time or inclination a "know your enemy" series on these bastards would be much appreciated.

What you showed with your post is how to avoid the "straw" and go for the jugular.

Much appreciated.

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I posted the link to this article; and since he was so obsessed with calling anyone not on the left a fascist, I pointed out the historical and present day fascism of the left under the "Obama drone strike" name a few minutes ago. The Ndaa, the patriot act, the NSA domestic spying, drone striking a 16 year old us citizen, prosecuting whistleblowers, secret kill lists, starting aggressive wars, etc sure sound familiar to fascism to me - not to mention the actions of fdr sending people based upon race to prison camps, Wilson and Lincoln throwing people in prison for critizing the govt, Lincoln shutting down newspapers, etc.

The presidential admins worshipped by American leftists are about as fascist as one can get in America history, so his choice of insults is interesting to say the least.

Anonymous said...

I left this post on his blog in direct response linking to this article:

You were completely destroyed here by someone who once held your far left beliefs.

On a side note, it always amuses me when the same people who are supporters of Obama invoke the "fascist" term for people other than themselves. This is the same admin that is prosecuting more reporters and whistleblowers than all other presidents combined, had the 4th amendment repealed via a patriot act renewal (that he and the left were against when out of power), allowed for Americans to be detained without charge or trial via the NDAA, droned to death an American 16 year old child without charge or trial, has secret kill lists of america citizens, lied to us about nsa spying and the national security state, is complicit and supportive of spying on virtually every American citizen, was caught spying on the AP, refused to answer questions or turn over documents about Fast and Furious, started up aggressive wars like in Libya, and is regularly droning innocent civilian children and women on a regular basis in the Mid East!

It could be worse though. Obama has not yet done what other hero Presidents of the left - and it is highly likely that this author is a big fan of FDR, Wilson, Lincoln, etc - have done in rounding up and throwing thousands of people into concentration camps because of their race, shutting down newspapers critical of the govt, prosecuting individuals for speech critical of the govt, throwing people in prison for speech against the govt, and entering into global conflicts and afterwords creating the conditions for Hitler and WW2 to take place, etc

Good thing they weren't fascists though, since we know the Nazis didn't advocate any of the above!

Anonymous said...

Fascism means what he wants it to mean. This clown is
not the brightest bulb in the leftist chandelier.

Anonymous said...

Cut off the head of the snake and the snake dies. Sure would be nice to have the names & home addresses of each and every elected, appointed employees in high positions in the various agencies, and the list goes on and on. If all the Congress Critters, Federal Judges, US Attorneys and others knew that their home info was available to any Patriot who wanted it then things might change. I think the EPA needs to be on top of the list.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Bernstein's jeremiad began with a bottle too many, perhaps a Jeroboam ?

His hard core leftist preaching has been a pain in the butt for decades. Thanks for calling him out.

In the verse of Jefferson Airplane, "up against the wall..."

Anonymous said...

This snake is a hydra, you'd be busy cutting off heads as fast as they would grow back.
And all should read the modern day fascist/communist bible.

Anonymous said...

Here is a former member of the most elite special forces unit on the planet, combat veteran, and current trainer of civilian/military/law enforcement on how things would go down if the us govt decided to live out the fantasy of the gun control movement, and confiscate all privately held firearms by waging war on the American public.

Let's just say Howe disagrees completely with Woodward's theory on how things would end up, and he makes it pretty clear why that is the case. But hey - I doubt the delta force member who was portrayed in black hawk down for his bravery in intense combat knows as much as some effeminate leftist about how actual war with the military against civilians would go down - considering how much more knowledge and experience he has with firearms, military tactics, guerrilla war, and the psychology behind the whole thing, right?

I mean, it can't be harder than quoting Marx on the radio, can it? Let me guess - just like the "some of my best friends are black" crowd - Woodward knows someone who once shot a 22 rifle before, or maybe he has even done it himself!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @13:25 on 2/24/14,

I read the article to which you posted the URL but I am not so sure that all that many active duty Armed Forces members would, when push came to shove, resist. For several years now I have approached folks I recognized/suspected were active duty. None of them had ever heard of Oath Keepers or the 10 orders. Further, the enlisteds including senior NCO's frequently indicated that, while orders they received might conceivably appear on the surface to be unlawful, they were aware of their own limited awareness of the larger picture and implicitly trusted the chain of command not to issue unlawful orders. I even encountered similar sentiments in commissioned officers up through Major and Lt. Colonel. Additionally, several indicated that they believed that they could - and likely WOULD - be court-martialed should they be found to have so much as looked at the Oath Keepers website. I have had similar results with local Police. I would also remind you that while some National Guard members refused to disarm citizens, most complied. I even recall news pieces on the national television networks. I agree that should some of the people choose to fight back it will be an horrific experience. But I believe that essentially all the "collateral damage" will be effected by loyalists.

Gonna get MEAN, people! It's gonna get mean.