Monday, February 24, 2014

Martin "Póg mo thóin" O'Malley's presidential wet dream.

Readers may recall my letter to Maryland Governor O'Malley during the Toys for Totalitarians campaign: "Póg mo thóin." Toys for Totalitarians delivery hits Maryland. My question for Gov. O'Malley: “Why is this idiot smiling?” As I wrote at the time:
We all know you are term-limited and cannot seek another stint as Maryland governor, but your presidential aspirations are almost legendary. I have to ask: What is it about you anti-firearm governors? You, Cuomo of New York, Malloy of Connecticut -- all of you all have the out-sized egos and even larger appetites for power that make you believe that you deserve to rightfully sit in George Washington’s chair. Even Hicklenlooper of Colorado, as disingenuously coy as he is, believes he belongs there and would drop his faux modesty in a New York minute if he thought he had the poll numbers. And all of you apparently think that citizen disarmament is a winning national issue that will get you to the Oval Office. One must ask, what are you all smoking? I have before me a copy of the photo of you at the bill signing ceremony on 16 May 2013. You are, as my Michigan farmer grandpa used to say, “grinning like a chimp.” Yet, as Emily Miller wrote in the Washington Times then:
“Mr. O’Malley’s legacy will be an angry citizenry who lost their constitutional rights, firearm manufacturers taking jobs out of state and no change in the crime. He will have to justify this rash move to voters in his try for higher office.”
Indeed you will. Of course, your national aspirations are hardly matched by your name recognition, but then you no doubt are hoping for some of Mike Bloomberg’s millions to help you correct that inconvenient disparity. And should your darkest of dark horse candidacies look like it has a prayer in 2016, no doubt Bloomie’s campaign donations will flow into your war chest. No doubt your attacks on the traditional liberties of American firearm owners are no impediment to success in any Democrat primary. If there’s one thing you collectivists agree upon it is disarming those who disagree with you politically. But just how do you think that will play in the general election? So, I look at your happy face as you signed a bill subverting the constitutional rights of your fellow Marylanders and I ask myself, “Why is this idiot smiling?”
Now we have Maryland media all atwitter with this story, "Gov. Martin O’Malley for president?" and this one, "Martin O’Malley Tempted For 2016 Presidential Race."
The Governor’s popularity is increasing and his approval numbers have been rising as he nears the culmination of his tenure in Maryland. 55 percent of Maryland residents approve of how Governor O’Malley is handling the executive seat of the state. His approval rating is a six-point increase from the previous year. Last year, Governor Martin O’Malley was the center of legislative quarrels involving the repealing of Maryland’s death penalty, passing stricter gun control laws and was leading an effort to legalize same-sex marriage. His approval numbers as governor have tempted him to make a run in the 2016 presidential race.
While Governor O’Malley is enjoying inspiring job approval numbers, his approval falls along party lines at the end of the day. He is now pushing for an increase in the state’s minimum wage law – possibly the most partisan policy in politics. The breadth of this policy gap has turned him into one the most polarizing governors in the country.
At the end of the day, however, those poll numbers are hostage to the first deaths caused by his state police enforcing his firearm tyranny. This is the wet dream of arrogant appetite in search of his next political meal ticket. It will end, at best, merely with stained sheets. We may only hope they are not blood-stained as well. "Póg mo thóin" indeed.


Carl Stevenson said...

Yea ... Malloy and his totalitarian colleagues are so popular that a substantial portion of the state wishes to secede and form a new state.

Anonymous said...

Sic semper tyrannis!

Nuff said.