Friday, February 28, 2014

Police Officers Oath of Office and Code of Ethics: A Question of Knowledge.

Thanks to reader Jeff for forwarding this link.
Two of the most neglected areas of police work are code of ethics and oath of office. These two documents are the most important issues of truth and integrity a police department has with the community it serves. Most police agencies have neglected these issues and do not fully understand the impact they have on the community they serve.


Anonymous said...

I always remember the Ethics portion of annual training being taught by the most UNETHICAL supervisors on the job! What a way to enforce the idea that it did not matter...



Anonymous said...

Looks like an interesting read, but the format causes me to get a migraine. I can not read that font!

Anonymous said...

I date myself, but the first class of our academy, in the late '70s, was an extremely well taught class, by the academy director, a retired police chief. We were given copies of the federal and state constitutions, and the bill of rights. I still have mine, and refer to them still, even though I retired.

To me, that introduction was the best class during the whole process.

In in-service training, held each year, we never again had a class on that subject in the two agencies I worked for.

From what I have seen recently, it looks like many agencies never even have that one day of training, or immediately forget about it.

I always retained and followed the information given in that class. It needs to be emphasized again.

rexxhead said...

Good article (if a little weak in the exposition department). It's a pity nobody proof-read it. Too many people (and I'm one of them -- sorry) feel that if it's not worth proof-reading, it probably isn't worth reading.

Anonymous said...

What the f**k are 'ethics'?

There - an oath and ethics used in one statist statement!