Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Your automobile is not your property." Uniformed thug Bobby Timmons here in Alabama demonstrates all the principled intelligence typical of his kind.

"Boss Hogg": Bobby Timmons of the Alabama Sheriff's Association.
Just to demonstrate that Connecticut doesn't have a monopoly on uniformed thug thinking: Gun owners, sheriffs debate allowing loaded guns in cars without permits
"I don't think this has anything to do with the Second amendment when you have the right to carry this weapon off your property. Your automobile is not your property," said Bobby Timmons, executive director of the Sheriff's Association.
The deal is, this is about the right of small-town, light-population-density county sheriffs to tax the shit out of lawful firearm owners in order to support their bloated lifestyles. The Sheriff's Association has always been the worst opponent of open carry in this state for that precise reason. And now they are in desperation saying that "Your automobile is not your property"???? Really?
As the friend who forwarded this to me wrote:
We have GOT to find the video of Bobby Timmons actually saying this. It didn't make it into the clip on the 33-40 page but I saw video of him actually saying it during the 9:30 Fox 6 newscast. . . (I)f my vehicle isn't my private property then why has the Supreme Court ruled probable cause or a warrant is required to search it? We need to make that quisling own his tyrant attitude.
Agreed. I've got some other fish to fry right now, but if the Alabama open carry community doesn't do that they're missing a great opportunity.


SWIFT said...

I have to suppose that if Boss Hog, Bobby Timmons, had been a Massachusetts Sheriff in 1775, he would have arrested Captain John Parker and his company on the Commons in Lexington. After all, The Commons was not Parker's property. It's unbelievable to me, the number of people in leadership positions, who obviously are suffering from dementia, or third stage syphilis. Epidemic!

Anonymous said...

In the first place, your automobile IS NOT your REAL PROPERTY (real estate). In the second place, it's irrelevant. Either you have the right to carry or you don't. Whether you're carrying in a car or not is not the issue. Don't get bogged down in the car issue.

Jeff in MS

Henry said... in New Mexico one's vehicle is considered to be the same as one's residence. You can carry a firearm in your car any way you want, just as though you were at home.

Anonymous said...

Jeff in MS is right....Right to Bear Arms has nothing to do with being on your property or on public can either carry in those places, or you can't....and increasingly, it's "you can't".

countenance said...

Two states in the union, Louisiana and New Mexico, have a legal precept that is called Extended Domain. Because those two states are LA and NM, it must mean Extended Domain is a holdover from Napoleonic Law, aka Civil Law, aka Romano-Germanic Law.

The long and the short of Extended Domain is that what you can legally do in a house, you can legally do in an automobile.

Anonymous said...

Good gawd. What a self-parody.

Anonymous said...

I guess this is a current story. When I first saw the headline and picture I thought it was from Alabama 1962. I guess thugs are forever. Fortunately, my sheriff fully supports the constitution.

Scott J said...

This issue is bigger than the 2nd Amendment.

Kudos to David for finding the actual video.

By his "part of public property" logic he could just go on a fishing expedition and open every vehicle in a city parking garage to search without probable cause or warrant.

The Supreme Court has ruled otherwise of course therefore making it private property and invalidating his statist objection to the extension of castle doctrine to it.

Anonymous said...

Fat Slob might enjoy having that ceegar shoved up his treasonous elitist butthole..
Some "servants" need to be reminded, in a serious manner, of their place.

Yank lll

MissAnthropy said...

You are right about these Sheriffs Associations. Here in NC the General Assembly passed an omnibus bill that removed a lot of the standing restrictions on places where one can lawfully carry, instituted Castle Doctrine, and a few other related things.

One of the provisions originally in the omnibus bill would eliminate the state's requirement that citizens get a "pistol purchase permit" from their local county sheriff's office. The NC Sheriffs Association fought the bill on that basis, and it was eventually removed in order for the other provisions to pass.

It rankles me that I have to get a permission slip from the local sheriff in order to purchase a handgun in this state. I also know the primary reason the Sheriffs Association opposed it is because it is a revenue stream for their departments. When people have to cough up $5 per permit for a perfunctory background check (i.e. the same thing NICS would do at the point of sale) it's probably a not insignificant stream of income per year.

It also allows sheriffs to judge applicants on things like "good moral character" -- talk about a deliberate ambiguity perfect for official abuse.

Anonymous said...

Here is a video where Bobby Timmons states that once you're on public property (such as in your car on a public highway) your gun and your car are no longer your personal property, but are "public property."

Al Benson Jr. said...

Who does this sheriff think your automobile belongs to--the state??? This is the kind of Marxist thinking--and that's what it really is--that needs to be voted out of office.

THEBigFatPanda said...

My first thought was, "It's the owner of Porkeys Bar!!!!!" Bet he couldn't arrest a fast three year old; fat bastard.

Allen Qualls said...

I can assure you he said it. I was there no more than 6 feet from him when he said it.