Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Up yours, Connecticut."

Conn. can try to confiscate guns, magazines, but threatened owners have options


Anonymous said...

From the article:
"How many judges would be willing to issue search warrants?"
Being typical east coast libtard activist judges, who rule by precedent case law instead of the Constitution, I would say, "All of them." After all, it's not THEIR asses on the line having to enforce the search warrant.

Maybe Mike can publish the names, addresses and telephone numbers of these above-mentioned judges, as he did with the Connecticut politicians.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

One thing CT residents who didn't register their weapons should matter how much you trust your spouse or children or friends....if they know about your new "felony", it may come back to haunt you later should you divorce or have a falling out.....make sure you prepare accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Lt. Vance gonna do what he is told. Just doing his job.


Anonymous said...

Lamp Poles & Nooses, Any thing else to say??

Anonymous said...

"it may come back to haunt you later should you divorce or have a falling out..."

Just ask Angel Shamaya.

Anonymous said...

Did you really just say Lt. Vance "did what he was told?" He took an path to protect against enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC. He took an oath not to enforce an unconstitutional law, which is exactly what the new law is. He made the choice to go against the people and the constitution, as did the state legislators.