Saturday, January 11, 2014

Toys for Totalitarians update. Well, that was fast (and pretty funny). It is apparent Governor Malloy lacks a sense of humor. CT State Police send a Jefferson County Al deputy to my door with a message.

A very polite and mildly amused Jefferson County deputy just came to my door to give me a message. A certain Detective Goocher at the Connecticut State Police wishes me to call him. ASAP. The note gives me his phone number. Obviously he hasn't read my blog post of this morning. Or perhaps he has and he just doesn't want to put anything down in writing.
It just occurred to me. Since Governor Malloy hasn't answered my letter directly, do you suppose I can have my sheriff call the CT state police to give the governor a message to call me?
LATER: I wonder what it is that is so pressing that Detective Goocher has to waste the law enforcement resources of Jefferson County, Alabama, just to make sure his imperial demand to call him is delivered? Not that my curiosity is that aroused to place a long-distance call at my expense to find out. Perhaps he'll finally get the message of this morning and email me.
Much later: David Codrea comments on "The Hunt for the SS Sipsey." Perhaps we should break out in a good German drinking song.


Anonymous said...

DO NOT TALK TO HIM. Have your lawyer call and tell him to bugger off without a warrant, writ or court order. ANYTHING you say can be construed as inter state terrorist activity--and that is EXACTLY what "they" want.

Anonymous said...


Joke and Dagger said...

Publish his number Mike. We will all call him.

WarriorClass III said...

This is fun. Can't wait to hear what the tyrant wannabe has to say.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is RIGHT. Any communications with them at all is bad news. It'll be stretched into something you don't expect.

Average Moke said...

Wonder what that Five Star Jackass wants now ? For you to make a phone call that can be cleverly edited ??

Anonymous said...

DO NOT communicate with them IN ANY WAY. Let your lawyer handle ALL communication with LE or FLEA or this will have a VERY bad end for you.

FedUp said...

You can always record him and refuse to say anything of substance on any subject.

At any rate, where would the law stand on TFT activities? Sending something through interstate US mail is something I would think outside the purview of the state cops.

About the worst I can think of is conspiracy to aid the governor in violating state law, considering that you never possessed or transferred the prohibited device in their state.

Anonymous said...

How about posting the phone number so we can all call him. If he had 100 plus calls all claiming to be you, do you think they might get a bit confused? State Cops aren't known to be very smart.

Mt Top Patriot said...

You have a lot of nerve defying the tyrants Mike.

Looks like somebody in Connecticut is upset they can't do anything legitimately to defend their illegitimacy.

It's a pickle no doubt and an existential affront to their hubris.

It could come to no surprise they can not back down, and escalate events no matter how much it risks revealing the true nature of how far outside the idea of rule of law and the scope of imposition of tyranny these tyrants are operating.

You have planted the seeds of defiance and resistance Mike, something these lickspittles of Connecticut haven't had to face. Looks like the leviathan is sniffing around like a pissed off badger in the tall grass trying to see what could possibly have had the audacity to disturb it's comfy little nest.

Escalation of the monopoly of force?

Wonder if these worthy's have heard of the unintended consequences of a hundred heads?

Yank lll said...

Communication with him goes across state lines that could invite feds to investigate toys for tyrants to create some kind of terrorist threat or BS.. steer clear and tell the shitbag to piss off.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

NEVER talk to police....

Pretty sure you've posted this on the site, but it bears repeating.

SWIFT said...

Hey Mike, Mt Top Patriot's post just gave me an idea. Why not post your lickspittle photo? The dog trying to shove his head up Governor Malloy's ass can be Detective Goocher. I, like others on this forum, believe that this is a FED ploy, you could have a second dog labeled FED, in competition with Detective Goocher, trying to shove his head up Governor Malloy's ass. I don't believe for a minute that they don't monitor this site and need to see their heads in the proper place.

Sam Manila said...

I just sent him an email telling him to call me- haha I didn't leave him my number tho- Sam Manila

Anonymous said...

So presumably someone (possibly Goocher) from CT State Police wants to talk to you....calls ONCE yesterday and not getting you on the phone DOESN'T try to call again, but instead sends a Jefferson County AL Deputy to your door with a message to call them back?

Seriously? Apparently they are all about "the drama" up in CT.

Sam Manila said...

I trecieved the following reply-
To Me
Today at 4:09 PM
Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for your correspondence to Governor Dannel P. Malloy. Your email has been received and is in the process of being reviewed. If appropriate, one of Governor Malloy's Staff
Assistants will respond to you shortly. If you are in need of more immediate assistance, please feel free to call our office at 860.566.4840 or 1.800.406.1527, Monday-Friday between
the hours of 8:00AM and 5:00PM.

Thank you for contacting our office.

Office of Governor Dannel P. Malloy

Mt Top Patriot said...

They don't have anything on Mike. Nothing he did is violates their diktats.
That's the rub.
Mike shoved their illegitimate acts of tyranny right up their corrupt traitor arses. And there isn't a thing they can do about. Legitimately.

That has to burn.

Here is Mike, one of the guys who exposed the hypocrisy of the agenda of our government to disarm us, a man who stood up, when literally not a single federal "law enforcement" officer in existence would, and exposed the high crimes waged by those in power to frame all law respecting Americans as criminals, Fast and Furious, the same guy who had the guts to politically shove feeding devices of the symbol of a mans inherent sovereignty, the rifle, right up these pompous pricks arses.

I'll bet dollars to donuts they are just a bit wary of Mike and how unafraid he is of their assumption of powers that does not exist the moment men like Mike give them the finger.

SWIFT said...

In an extension of my earlier request for the lickspittle dogs; in keeping with the current Administration's image, make the FED dog a French Poodle.

Anonymous said...

If and when you do call, call COLLECT.

Alan W. Mullenax said...

Just a couple of thoughts. You have poked a wolverine with a sharp stick. Protect your balls. Do not under any circumstances talk to the police. Any police. Anywhere. Anytime.

Again, this gig ranks right at the top if not the top of defiance to date. Props to you and all that are assisting in whatever capacity.

Anonymous said...

If we had the number, we could all go buy a bunch of burner phones at Walmart and really screw with them.

gunnyg said...

Anon @ 11:21 AM nailed it.

DO NOT DO ANYTHING without a trusted third-party present and a video camera running. I learned the hard way to CYA when it comes to dealing with shitbirds and whacked out women.

Having seen MPs lie on the stand and having seen cops in civilian life do the same thing, they are not to be trusted. Ever.

Anonymous said...

As other have correctly said, this is all about entrapment by LE. CT or the Feds or someone else, maybe even AL, who knows, who cares.

Mike, you pissed them off real good and they want to take you out now.

Don't give them any ammo to put into that toy magazine they have now. Don't talk to them.

We are all pleased and proud but want you around to continue.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Run Silent, Run Deep by Iron Maiden would be the appropriate song:

The convoy lights are dead ahead
The merchantmen lay in their bed
The thump of diesels hammers down
In the oily sea-the killing ground
His knuckles white his eyes alight
He slams the hatch on the deadly night
A cunning fox in the chickens lair
A hound of hell and the devil don't care

etc. etc.


CowboyDan said...

For a good time, call Suzy: 860.566.4840

Put that on a bathroom wall wherever you happen to be.

Anonymous said...

Sam Manila posted the Guvernator's toll free number 1-800-406-1527. If you call that number from a PAY PHONE, it will cost the owner of that number (CT GOV) an extra 50 cents to pay the owner of the pay phone for the use of the phone & phone line. I worked for a pay phone company for 20 years and the 1-800 revenue became a nice source of income. Some numbers were even known to be dialed automatically by the computer inside the payphone.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with most of the above commenters - as tempting and satisfying as it might be, don't play their game by responding to his calls or emails. Detective Goocher is no doubt under enormous pressure from his superiors to make contact with you. Don't give up the high ground and make his job easier. Let them stew and dither over what to do next.

Chris said...

I say call him. Just don't say anything. And record it multiple ways.
Let him ask his questions. Let him give a roadmap.
And then say Fuck you and hang up

Radio Patriot said...

If I were right beside you, I'd give you a kiss on the cheek and a arm hug. I love and appreciate what you're doing.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you ask the detective if he's arrested his governor for possession of that illegal magazine yet?