Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Some "legacy." Old Yellowstain Boehner's attacks on conservative critics of the Ryan plan explained. It's all about the NEXT sellout.

Mr. Speaker's Crocodile Tears.


Anonymous said...

There could be no better message sent to the GOP than to see that party win HUGE in 2014 in both the Senate and the House - and witness the Silent Speaker ousted in the primary. See, now we understand why he remained silent for so long - his recent cry-babying, whining and complaining about constituents ate quite telling.

Old yellow stains primary loss in a time when Republicans are elected to pure legislative majority would be a undeniable rebuke of those who want to deny the liberty movement in this country.

Anonymous said...

The answer to non-representation is non-compliance.

Defy Obamacare, which was enacted illegally (no house vote), upheld by a supreme court that had a conflict of interest (Kagen) and is run by "navigators" who encourage fraud (according to the federal government's own laws, those who assist in fraud are just as guilty!)

Defy new gun laws, for obvious reasons.

If they pass Amesty (all of Boehner's doings is to marginalize conservatives and libertarians before that vote), hire Americans despite the illegality of doing so under that law.

Only you can allow yourself to be oppressed.