Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Toys for Totalitarians" program a success, more coming.

As regular readers know, my Christmas message to Colorado governor Hickenlooper has been dubbed a "Toys for Totalitarians" campaign by David Codrea. It's a great name so I'm officially adopting it in my last letter to another recipient. Final reporting of all the awards will not happen for a few days, but suffice it to say that the smart money is betting someone evil-minded is going to take official notice of this little bit of defiance. That could get dicey.
Also, the predictable result of the smuggling campaign and the Toys for Totalitarians program means that we are low on both previously donated standard capacity magazines and the money to ship them out. Donations of either will be greatly appreciated.
There is much concern among readers about my potential arrest. "Have you checked whether this is legal?" is a common question in my emails and phone calls. Let's understand one thing: the law, these tyrants have decided, no longer applies to them. As evidenced by Fast and Furious, Benghazi and other scandals we are in the Age of Catch 22 -- they can and will do anything we can't stop them from doing. If they are willing to tear up the law and the Constitution to enforce their will upon anyone they choose, and they are, then it is past time -- for me at least -- to worry overmuch about whether something is "legal" as the domestic enemies of the Constitution define that term. When I said as I founded the Three Percent movement that I was not backing up one more inch, I wrote a check that I knew would have to be cashed one day. There is no evading that.
I expect some "authorized journalist" publicity when the full nature of Toys for Totalitarians is clear and it is recognized that this is just the opening round of an armed civil disobedience campaign against the new state laws. We will have slapped the jaws of this new crop of petty tyrants. Whether they will be forced to resent it, or, more likely, exercise the opportunity to react poorly, remains to be seen. Just exactly how I will react to the prospect of being arrested depends on whether the Feds get involved. I am much more likely to react poorly to the prospect of federal arrest, than if I'm busted by state authorities on a foray into their jurisdictions. The only question the Feds have to ask themselves is what will the blowback be if my apprehension goes south.
Keep me and my faithful band of merry smugglers in your prayers.
LATER: David Codrea comments here.


Anonymous said...

Prepare to be absorbed.

Oh, I meant,
"Prepare to be ignored".

FedUp said...

What are your plans if Commierado issues a warrant for your arrest, and asks Alabama to apprehend you for extradition?

WarriorClass III said...

The Feds will need to consider a reaction on many fronts, in many ways, if they choose to break the law enforcing an illegal edict.

I kind of doubt that the State of Colorado will do anything, or if they try, that the State of Alabama would cooperate.

Anonymous said...

The Feds won't arrest you mike, for these things because the discovery danger for them is too great. You would have to elevate conduct considerably before they have more to gain than they have already to lose. Thus is part of the beauty of what yer doing. And that is the Christmas message I hope people are catching on to.

Similar to your efforts, I engage in my own disobedience here in Illinois. My local LEO know full well I go armed in exercise oft RIGHT to do so despite Illinois law criminalizing that very exercise. So why am I, like you, remaining (so far) free of arrest? Two reasons, they know first that I don't aim to harm anyone and secondly that it's more trouble to arrest me than its worth. Test cases upon knowledgable and fearless Citizens is definitely NOT what they seek....

Now if only more people would figure out that we are SUPPOSED to exercise RIGHTS in defiance of their unconstitutional diktats and actually do so it would become clear to even more. Snowball. Hill. Rolling. Growing.

It is my hope that you have considered this secondary. "Explosion" regarding your Christmas gift scenario- eventual FOIA requests that determine WHERE those gifts actually end up. Who was ACTUALLY in possession of them all through their chain of command. Underlings may well find themselves outside the title of nobility protections the politicians have created for themselves - exposing them to the exact point you are trying to make.

Ah and one more point about why they won't arrest ya now mike. Their biggest fear would be for your health to decline while in their "care". Instead, they aim to stall and "wait you out". That leads me to my reason for the season wish for you !! I wish you a prosperous life lasting years and years to come. And is like to tell you that when it comes to your life transgressions of the communist variety - me thinks your efforts to atone have succeeded - in spades. An inspiration your are, fine sir.

SWIFT said...

Mike, I'm with you. I'll not back up, or down, one more inch. But, unlike you, I don't give a rat shit who comes, it's on. If the past is any example, it will be a gang, with everyone involved. Merry Christmas and hopefully, a silent night.

FedUp said...

SWIFT, what if one guy comes to your home, gun in holster, knocks on the door, and says "SWIFT, this is the police. I have a warrant..."

Anonymous said...

What would happen if I sent a bunch of them and used the name and home address of one of my local dim-witted politician as the sender?
What would happen if this idea was duplicated all over the country? Would they send out the FEDS to round up several hundred of local dim-wit politicians for something they didn't have a clue about. If they want to act heavy-handed like the Gestapo, why not let them act like really stupid Gestapo (is there any other kind?) This could get to be a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

I was/am a USMC 0321. GOD BLESS you for all you do for those of us who are true to the oath we took when joining the military. You were promised 100 heads by one of my brothers who was/is an 0317.You have my promise if you are harmed by the tyrants, 100 more. After all,"you can't catch what you can't see" .
As For "FEDUP", I suggest you READ: 18 U.S. Code § 242 - Deprivation of rights under color of law. The United States Supreme Court has already ruled on cases such as you describe:383 U.S. 787; 86 S. Ct. 1152; 1966 U.S. LEXIS 1963;Screws v. United States - 325 U.S. 91 (1945);Monroe v. Pape - 365 U.S. 167 (1961). a citizen may use lethal force to prevent an agent of a local, state OR Federal government from committing a crime under color of law.
I see your fear, I smell it, like urine loosed before the first shot was fired I know what your words mean, and how to answer: In the words of William Shakespeare, I have an answer for you:“A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.” So many others have given you answers as well:Leonidas, Lucius Anneus Seneca, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Lloyd W. Williams, Daniel J.Daley, Winston Churchill, Anthony McAuliffe, John F. Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

The unfortunate part is: they won't have to stall or wait Mike out. With Obamacare (PPACA) they can just deny him care when we all go to the single payer they've always wanted.

That goes for any one of us. Do what you have to do NOW to make sure you're in the best health you can be......you won't be getting anything resembling the "health care" you have been used to in the coming years.

SWIFT said...

FedUp; That scenario will never happen. I do not break the law for any reason. Not even moving vehicle violations, or parking tickets, that someone could use against me. So, that leaves only my mouth, that someone wants to permanently shut. That will take a gang. Then, there will be no Marquis of Queensbury, or Hoyle, only Chicago Rules.

trailrunner78 said...

As a fan of Robert Heinlein, I'd like to call attentions to some of the characters in one of his books.

They go by the collective name of "The Committee for Aesthetic Deletions". They are IIRC, a group of people who have been diagnosed with terminal diseases and who have not long to live, and they band together to use their remaining time to "delete" people who mar the aesthetic values of society. This would include criminals who are known to be guilty but who have been turned loose by muddle headed judges, gang members, crooked or power hungry politicians, muddle headed judges, and people who may be judged to have committed treason. The idea here is that they may easily spend what remains of their life in such a noble pursuit without much fear of being caught, because what penalty could be levied against them? Death which they already face one way or the other? They have nothing worth losing to lose.

I always thought this was an extremely high minded attitude to have, easily on the level of Patrick Henry or others of that stripe. Service to society indeed.

The problem with the committee model though, is that it requires as does any group, communication among it's members, and communication can be easily monitored these days, as we have seen only very recently. How to find the like minded with being detected?

Therefore I offer the thought that the "lone wolf" model is better. Trusted friends of long standing would be good too, but no one you haven't known for 20 years.

It is very hard to stop one man, dedicated, motivated and skilled, and no one can inform on someone such as this, no one can infiltrate their organization, which is how almost all organizations that may be inclined to resist growing tyranny
are nullified.

There are literally millions of military veterans out there who have previous training, many thousands with real combat experience, who do not consider themselves absolved from the oath they once swore simply because they do not wear a uniform anymore. There are probably hundreds of such men (and women) every day who receive a medical death sentence and who would seem to be suitable for such activity. This is not even counting the number of healthy vets out there, no wonder that the DHS now considers veterans to be a potential threat category. What do they know about you that you have not yet realized? ;)

It is not necessary to be a veteran. Civilians out shoot the police and the military at open competitions on a regular basis. You do not have to be a Navy SEAL to make 200 yard head shots. Start going to the gym, start running a bit, take up a practical martial art such as boxing or Muy Thai to build confidence and fighting spirit. Buy the weapons you will need and train with them. Educate yourself. You do not need an AK47, for an individual, unprotected target confronted in a moment of isolation (or not) a reliable handgun of decent caliber is sufficient. A knife can, and has been used to devastating effect for thousands of years, it's quiet too. Learn to use one, there are books on the subject.

It's not possible for every deserving person to be protected. If every person whom the above might apply to had just one or two candidates in mind, imagine how quickly such activity could become widespread. Many times all that is necessary is for one person to give that little snowball a push over the edge. Food for thought.

One man, sufficiently motivated and with a sound plan, is almost impossible to stop.

When you think you have nothing left, the fact that you can think that means that you do.

Of course this is all just an academic discussion, meant to be thought provoking and considered to be protected speech. I would never advocate that someone actually do something like this.