Monday, December 30, 2013

Herschel Smith on The Psychology Of Open Carry

As I’ve said before, folks where I come from don’t seem to mind when I open carry. The writer is projecting his own psychology onto everyone else. But it is his own psychology that is the interesting part of this article. It is inescapable. What he is saying is that he would rather not know if someone is carrying a weapon. Oh, someone may be carrying around him and probably is, but he would rather not know it. Ignorance is bliss in his world. Ignorance doesn’t make it safer, it just means that he doesn’t know what is going on around him.


Anonymous said...

Ignorant and apt to stay that way. Reminds you of the members of Congress. Safe in their little DC bubble. Making laws that don't have Constitutional viability nor founded in anything that resembles common sense. And totally ignorant of the ire of the population they are elected to serve that feels abused and ignored by their actions.

Anonymous said...

I've encountered people who expressed dismay at the thought of one carrying a pocket-knife.

Not talking a switchblade, or large Buck folder- they were uncomfortable with a medium sized Wenger "Swiss Army" knife. (because that nail file and/or the tiny pair of scissors might be used to assault a hapless hangnail I guess.)

Anonymous said...

Rule #9: Never leave home without a knife. If you are going to be gone overnight take two.