Friday, December 20, 2013

Foiled carjacking shows different outcome potentials when gun owners have choice

The question here is who has the moral authority to tell another human being they do not have a right to defend themselves? And that all such decisions will be made for them by armed functionaries of the state, who are under no legal obligation to protect those they so cavalierly deny a choice in the matter to…?


Anonymous said...

Educated choice is a foundation of a free society. I would rather be armed in the worst neighborhood in New Hampshire than unarmed in the best neighborhood in New Jersey. I really feel for the poor, law abiding people who have to live in places like Newark, Paterson, or Camden, New Jersey.

Anonymous said...

SCOTUS issued decision that police are not and cannot be duty bound to protect and defend any individual. Yes, it keeps them protected from civil liability but that's not the reason - that's a fringe benefit. Each individual has their own RIGHT to protect and defend THEMSELVES and assigning that duty to "police " would, in fact, violate that individual liberty. Simply put, via that enumeration, government is simply not empowered to impose such a decision.

Telling the TRUTH about that situation significantly harms the statists attempts at usurpation of authority.....which is why Freemen had better start screaming it from every mountain top and seashore!