Monday, December 30, 2013

Malloy finally gets his Toys for Totalitarians award.

Shipped two day service on the morning of the 23rd, finally signed for this morning at 10:51 Eastern by D. Maselek:
18 December 2013
Dannel P. Malloy, Governor
State Capitol
210 Capitol Avenue
Hartford CT 06106
Dear Governor Malloy,
Merry Christmas! Enclosed you will find my Christmas gift to you, one thirty-round standard capacity AR15/M4 magazine, new in the wrapping, manufactured by Ammunition Storage Components in New Britain, a company that is according to press accounts considering moving from your fair state because of your tyrannical new law banning such devices to otherwise honest, law-abiding citizens.
My Connecticut friends tell me that your efforts to disarm your fellow citizens will play an important role in your reelection next year. They think they can mobilize enough folks to send you back to Stamford, if that’s where you choose to go. If true, that will put paid to your presidential ambitions, won’t it? I note that the latest Quinnipiac poll from earlier this year has you at an even split on the approve/disapprove scale, 47% to 47%. This tracks with your previous near-death experience when you were first elected governor by a hair’s breadth amid allegations of voter fraud. Can you really afford losing all those voters alienated by your joined-at-the-hip relationship with Michael Bloomberg? No doubt Bloomie’s campaign donations will flow into your war chest -- although I note you still have not declared for reelection -- but then the energized single-issue voters in Connecticut won’t care about that, will they? Just ask the recalled Colorado state senators. All of Mike’s money didn’t do them a damn bit of good. And to be considered for president in 2016 you absolutely have to be reelected governor, don‘t you agree?
And now that all the provisions of your new tyrannical law have gone into effect, you can count on more headlines of the “honest-gun-owner-caught-in-Malloy‘s-ill-considered-law“ variety. The issue of citizen disarmament which you have embraced whole-hog will not be going away.
To ensure that, my friends and I will continue to smuggle such thirty-round magazines as you now own in defiance of that law. Indeed, since I first smuggled six such magazines back in April -- and announced that fact on the steps of your State House -- we have imported into your state more than fifty such magazines and transferred them to Connecticut citizens in defiance of your ill-considered diktat.
It is a modest number, to be sure, but then we work with modest means. All of the magazines we have smuggled to date were donated by folks -- some from Connecticut, including the one you hold in your hand -- who wished to slap you in the face with their defiance. My friends and I, Three Percenters all, are merely the conduit of their contempt for your petty tyranny. They believe the long-standing principle of American jurisprudence that an unconstitutional law is null and void. Of course the trick is to make that point when the levers of power are in the hands of domestic enemies of the Constitution such as yourself.
In any case, I’m sure that since my own public defiance back in April, your state police -- known for their slavish toadying to the whims of the governor’s mansion -- have a file going on me. They will play hob trying to make a case on my friends, but I’d say that your Christmas gift may be proof that I, at least, am guilty of defying your unconstitutional tyranny. You’re a former drug war prosecutor from Brooklyn. Do you think you can make a case? I invite you to prosecute me if you think you can, but then there’s that pesky firearm rights issue that you just wish would go away until after your reelection.
It is a conundrum, ain’t it? Of course if you don’t come after me, my friends and I will have, to paraphrase Nathan Bedford Forrest, slapped your jaws and forced you to resent it. Can you stand our unanswered defiance? My bet is that you can’t, but even if I were to disappear off the face of the earth tomorrow, my friends, including some of your fellow citizens, will continue to defy your unconstitutional law by smuggling in what you have banned. Connecticut, as I pointed out in my April speech, was a state that was built on patriot smuggling. Do you think your fellow citizens today are any less committed to opposing your depredations of their traditional liberties? Do you think they do not understand your growing appetite, like all tyrants, for their liberty, their property, and -- at the hands of the state police raiders enforcing your diktat -- their lives?
If you do, Dannell, you misunderstand their character. They may be a minority, but they are a determined minority and history, for good or ill, is made by such determined minorities. So, too, are reelections in such a divided state as yours. Good luck with that.
You know, when my wife read the rough draft of this letter she thought I had misspelled your name. No, I assured her, it is spelled “Dannel.” As you no doubt know it is a variant of the Hebrew “Daniel,” meaning “God is my judge.”
You would do well to remember that, Dannel, as the coming new year brings more prosecutions under, and more resistance to, your tyrannical law -- for God is certainly our Judge. In the end, you may find unwanted wisdom in the ancient Chinese caution, “Be careful what you wish for, you may get it.”
Oh, and one more thing. Since you now own an illegal device smuggled into your state in defiance of your diktat, I have this suggestion: Go arrest yourself.
Sincerely, and hoping you have a merry Christmas,
Mike Vanderboegh, Smuggler
The alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters

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Anonymous said...

Wow - 7 days for 2 day delivery. Torpedoes, indeed - are you sure you didn't use land mines instead? ;)

Anyway, that nuclear letter tipped high-capacity warhead should be most effective, regardless of the delivery system used.

Waiting for the fallout...