Saturday, December 21, 2013

The desperation gets more desperate. Marketing proposals for the collectivist power-grab that is Obamacare from (where else?) the pages of Bloomberg.

Make Obamacare Cool, or Make It Hurt
First, announce and advertise that everyone between the ages of 18 and 34 who enrolls on the health-care exchanges by the end of the year is automatically entered in a lottery. Winners will receive everything from a free iPhone or iPad to a full-year of health-care underwritten by Uncle Sam. Refer a friend and get a discount. Buy one (year), get one free. In states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use -- Colorado and Washington -- by all means, throw in a bag of cannabis.
Why not throw in an offer of free oral sex from aging, ugly Bloomberg columnists?
A tip of the boonie hat to reader Jon for the link. At first I couldn't decide if this was satire or serious. After the bit about the Medicare cards, I concluded she was serious.


oughtsix said...

Thanks, Mike.

It'd be hilarious if it was satire....

Anonymous said...

I really wish to hell that people would realize that Obama-don't-care is designed not for health care but health control. To ration and refuse health care to a select group of the population that I happen to be one of. Back in the 1960's in order to fund their "Great Society" the Marxist Progressives started looting the Socialist Security fund. They saw all that money just sitting there and they needed money. So it was a no brainer to the Communists in the US Congress. Saying they were only going to use a little and then a little more. By the time they were done they had taken it all and left behind IOU's. Now they have a 83 trillion dollar debt to the people they ripped off and they cannot repay it. So what to do. Write and pass a health care control bill that will in the end kill off the baby boomers faster then the statistics would dictate. If they can reduce the life expectancy of the average American then they don't have to pay the money they stole back. Actually this was the intent from the begining. At the time Socialist Security was enacted that average life span of an American male was 63 years. As they made up more then 90% of the work force at the time they were paying in the most money. The act was written to allow the drawing of benefits when the worked retired at 65. Two years beyond the life expectancy of the day. WWII saw advances in medicine that allowed Americans to live longer. This is about killing off the boomers as fast as they can. And to further control the future generations with the fear of getting sick and being refused care and treatment unless they are goot little Marxists. These are the idiots that have screamed about over population since the 60's. And this fits right into the agenda. They intend to hasten the demise of a large portion of the population over the next twenty years. They have no choice. They stole the money and now they have to prevent those that it belonged to from showing up to collect. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that this law was enacted just as the bigger percentage of the boomers began to retire.