Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rifle and Shotgun Sales Spike as Californians Prepare for 2014 Law

Many Californians are buying rifles and shotguns in preparation for the long gun registry law set to take effect January 1st. The legislation will require long gun owners to register the make, model and serial number of their weapon. Gun sales have risen 30 to 50 percent in the last week of 2013, according to CBS Sacramento.


CP said...

Just as in other states, we will soon see if the gun-owning "citizens" of California have the testicular fortitude of the "subjects" in Canada, and just refuse to register their stuff.

Anonymous said...

@cp -- I think you misunderstand the new law. We don't have to register long guns we already own... yet. Any new long gun purchases must go through CA DROS process, and will be registered. Thus the land rush to buy guns before New Year's Eve. Don't want registered long guns? Two choices: a) don't buy any new guns. b) buy them illegally. Handguns have had this process already for years, so Sacramento has our names anyway. The only way to "refuse to register", as you suggest, is to move in from out of state and decline to file the paperwork (at $19 per gun) to self-register. (OK, one nit where I'm not up on the new law, is if you are required to self-register an 80% lower after you complete it. I think for now, no.)