Monday, December 23, 2013

Kalashnikov crosses over.

I heard this news flash while I was out today and received this link from FG, among other readers: Kalashnikov assault rifle designer dead at 94
FG's two cents:
Regardless of one's personal opinion concerning the General's original concept, it would not be an understatement to submit that that his AK-47 design quite literally affected the very geopolitical structure of our world. And it continues to do so.... to this very day.
See also: AK-47 rifle inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov dies at 94


Anonymous said...

He is the only commie bastard that I will ever wish RIP to, and that is based solely on his design work (be it original or copied from earlier German designs) and his duty to and love for his Motherland-something we call patriotism, I believe.

Anonymous said...

Kalashnikov was a sergeant when his redesign of a German rifle was adopted by Stalin's Soviet Union as its service weapon. His design was noted for its durability and simplicity.

I saw footage of Kalashnikov receiving the Hero of Russia award on his 90th birthday. He appeared to be wearing a general's uniform while receiving Russia's highest award.

Kalashnikov was known to have been modest and self-effacing. When pressed by media types about how many people had died because of his design, he replied that he had wished sometimes he had designed a lawnmower instead.

He was just a man doing his job for his country, as best as he knew how, in trying times. I do not hold any animosity against him. It was the politicians who distributed his product for use that bear any blame.

J said...

Kalashnokov is, to me, a genius along the same lines as John Moses Browning - whatever one thinks of his nationality, like Browning, his creations will continue to be appreciated for generations beyond his own lifetime.

Anonymous said...

While there are those who claim that Kalashnikov is actually dead, I tend to have my doubts.

I think that if you just throw him in the mud and maybe a bit of sand too, then rinse him off in a nearby pond or stream - he will continue to keep on functioning.

J said...

@@ ANONY 12:17 -
Three thumbs up, for perhaps the best statement that could be made.

Anonymous said...

I too like the Automat Schmeisser/Horn/Schink/Gruner.
Milkhail who?

Paul X said...

He is a genius who, along with Browning, advanced the notion of an armed populace - one of the true pillars of liberty. It's strange that he managed to do so, given the situation he was in, and it might not even have been his intention. But the fact remains, that is what he did.