Monday, December 23, 2013

Wicked Pathetic. Making the world safe for deluded hoplophobes.

From a column entitled "Wicked Local Burlington": "Burlington gun buyback event yields results."
The Burlington Police Department’s first gun buy-back event, held Saturday, Dec. 14, was successfully accomplished at the station. Fifteen guns in total were turned in by Burlington residents. These included rifles, handguns, and one bolt-action shotgun, along with over 400 rounds of ammunition. The guns will be destroyed by the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Department after a check of the serial numbers through the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) data base.
Around here, that's the contents of an average citizen's closet. . . only they'd have more ammo.


Anonymous said...

Gotta watch them dangerous bolt-action shotguns!


SWIFT said...

A successful gun buyback? What was their standard to determine the buyback was successful? My math says 15 guns comes out to one gun per 41,734 residents. Pretty low standard in any thinking persons reasoning. Just another load of bullshit propaganda from the left-wing Burlington PD and city government.

Anonymous said...

Next they'll be collecting framing hammers to prevent building code violations.

Anonymous said...

Of course any collectibles will be destroyed by extremely slow, retarded oxidation in an officer's temperature-controlled gun safe.