Friday, December 20, 2013

Apparently they feel like New Hampshire already has enough gun-banners in the state.

What happened when a frustrated politician brought his appetite for power to town. Pro-gun crowd to Scott Brown: Stay away from New Hampshire.


Anonymous said...

Brown's best course would be to enjoy his vacation home in Rye, NH and not run for office there.

He would not receive much support. Failed anti-gun politicians from other states receive little positive attention in northern New England.

FedUp said...

Yes, he could win the primary against four real NH Republicans.

One would hope that three of them could find a reason to drop out and make it a fair fight of one local against one carpetbagger.

Pretty funny that the 'frontrunning' candidate is driving around in a pickup with MA plates on it.

Anonymous said...

Ya got 24 hours to get out of the State, Pilgrim!


Anonymous said...

The problem is Brown, a Liberal establishment darling couldn't beat a phony Native American. Now he wants to move to New Hampshire to help his fellow libs finish the transformation that Mass-a-two-shits refugees have nearly completed. Those that helped destroy Mass-a-two-shits fled to Vermont which was forty five years ago a stauch Republican Conservative state. For the last many years New Hampshire has been under the same assault. To the point that a few years back they started the Free State Project to encourage other Conservative to more to New Hampshire to counter the leftist whiners and thumbsuckers. Brown is finsihed in politics. Unless the establishment class decides otherwise.