Monday, December 30, 2013

The West has lost control of the world and disaster awaits

We're going to need a great of luck to avoid a nuclear catastrophe - and this can be traced back to the First World War and the death of Frederick III in 1888


StukaPilot said...

Same old: Germans this, Hitler that..i.e., the Victors' Version. Fact is, the Revisionist Powers were, during the decade-long run-in to 1914, France (Poincare and his "Lost Provinces"), Russia (out to grab Constantinople and the Straits), & Serbia (out to destroy Austria-Hungary and substitute its own Balkan Empire). Germany and Britain, whose de facto alliance of land power with sea power had more-or-less stabilized Europe since 1815, were essentially satisfied, status quo powers. But Britain, impelled by the warmonger Churchill and his handlers, then abandoned its traditional friend - Germany - and lined up with its traditional enemy - France, thus completing an Encirclement and presenting Germany, post-Sarajevo, with a desperate choice: fight now, or submit to "peaceful" dismemberment. The Germans, being a heroic tribe, chose to fight. I don't hold that against them and, in THE PITY OF WAR, neither does ace Brit historian Nial Ferguson. Finally, someone gets it right...and it only took 100 years. It's France, Britain, and the other Encirclement Powers, not Germany, that are most responsible for destroying Western Civilization.

rexxhead said...

I always refer to WW-II as "WW-I, part 2". I guess that means WW-I is "WW-I, part 1".

Good article. Thanx for the pointer. I reposted on FB.

Anonymous said...

WW1 was the last gasp of the "Great Powers". So many people died for so little, just so aristocrats could try drawing new lines on the map. They did not work out any better than the last lines. Or the time before.

My conclusions are to not trust European aristocrats to solve problems, as their actions can have unpleasant, unforeseen consequences.

I did not realize Kaiser Wilhelm was a "strutting ponce".