Tuesday, December 31, 2013

High praise for the Three Percent: "These guys are patriots with balls as big as dinosaur eggs."

Now those are some 'huevos grandes.'
I pass on this one to the boys (and girls) behind enemy lines who are risking more than I am to defy the collectivist sonsabitches face-to-face in the smuggling campaign.

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Mt Top Patriot said...

Reading the story at the link there is a sense of true admiration for Mikes defiance of tyrants. It seems most genuine and written with respectful sincerity.
But there is something else also. It is subtle, but if I'm not mistaken, it is hope. Hope because somebody is standing their ground, standing up to these tyrants, and boldly in the authors eyes.

And maybe there is a very important thing in this for those of the 3% to understand.
Maybe it isn't being a 3%er in itself that matters so much, but setting by example what being a 3 percenter is, like Mike has done.
Looking at what mike is doing in the light of defiance from the perspective of so many Americans who feel they are powerless and without means to recourse, suddenly here is one guy who is like the mouse that roared, an example of resistance that sits right in peoples hearts, it may be something genuinely revolutionary and inspiring.
A lot of people generally like a hero underdog who never says die.

I think there is a very valuable lesson to be understood in this within the liberty movement.