Monday, December 30, 2013

Toys for Totalitarians award to CT RINO John McKinney.

Signed for this morning by D. Maselek at 10:51.
26 December 2013
John McKinney
Legislative Office Building
300 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106
Re: Your award in the Sipsey Street Irregulars Toys for Totalitarians Campaign.
Congratulations! Enclosed you will find my belated Christmas gift to you, one twenty-eight-round standard capacity AR-15 magazine in 7.62x39 caliber, manufactured by C Products Defense, Inc. of Bradenton, Florida. You have been awarded this gift as part of what my friend David Codrea calls my “Toys for Totalitarians Campaign.” We had a few magazines left over after sending them to the governors of Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland and New York so we decided to select certain state legislators who likewise deserved our scorn as self-declared domestic enemies of the Constitution and your name was among five at the top our list! So I selected a magazine for you in the caliber of 7.62x39, for that is the round originally designed for Mikhail Kalashnikov‘s AK-47. Given your collectivist politics, I thought it was an appropriate choice, since Kalashnikov was an unrepentant Soviet to the end of his days. (Kalashnikov, of course, just crossed over to meet his Maker. I’m sure his conversation with God about Stalin was an interesting one.) From one collectivist to another, I thought. Dulce et decorum est.
I first violated your recent citizen disarmament law on 18 April of this year, a fact which I declared in a speech on the Connecticut state house steps on the 20th of that month:
On Thursday I smuggled a half-dozen 30 round AR-15 standard capacity magazines into Connecticut in deliberate disobedience of the new state diktat. So to Martin Looney, Mike Williams, Larry Cafero and John McKinney I'd like to say this:
Since then, as I told your governor in a similar award letter (which I have thoughtfully enclosed for your perusal), my friends and I have smuggled into Connecticut more than fifty such magazines and transferred them to Connecticut citizens in defiance of your ill-considered diktat. Since October, we have also smuggled in quantities of small arms ammunition and transferred them as well to previously law-abiding citizens whose only crime is to flout the unconstitutional and tyrannical statute that you petty tyrants have created.
But I send this Toys for Totalitarians award to you as a reminder that there is no law that you can pass that liberty-minded Americans -- including patriotic Connecticut citizens -- cannot defy, resist, evade and smuggle in opposition to it.
We will continue to do so until you all are swept out of power and this hateful, intolerable act repealed or you try to stop us by tyrannically working your will upon us by dispatching armed men to our doors.
As I said in the speech, “Any time you feel froggy.”
Sincerely, and hoping you have a happy socialist Kwanzaa (a holiday invented by an FBI COINTELPRO stooge),
Mike Vanderboegh, Smuggler
The alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters


Anonymous said...

To Mike:

The Toys for Tyrants effort is awesome, astounding, and being completely ignored by Pete at WRSA.

To Everyone Else:

You know how you keep asking "when will someone do something" or "what can one man do?"

You now have your answer.

Everyone has one mag they can send so no excuses.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, one of the KENNEDY clan made his money during prohibition by smuggling booze into the country. His grandson ended up becoming President (that was back when a President was respected). Mike, does this mean you might have one of your grandkids end up in the White House?

tjbbpgobIII said...

I went to the C Defense website and could find no AR15 magazines that took 7.62x39 rounds. Just a mistake?