Saturday, December 28, 2013

Illinois gun owners on hold for compliance instructions on private sales

The law, which goes into effect on Wednesday, “will require individual Illinois gun owners to check their buyer's credentials with state police before transferring ownership of their weapons.” The problem is, key details have been withheld. Even the Illinois State Rifle and Pistol Association, the state affiliate of the National Rifle Association, is unable to advise its members. Executive Director Richard Pearson said he has “received no instructions” on “how private sellers would confirm that their purchaser had a valid firearm owner's identification card.”


Anonymous said...

The ISRA did a poll in part asking its members about licensing. Well over 90 percent opposed it. Just months later the ISRA turns around and supports the new licensing law for carrying handguns - a law that specifically forbids open carry but also any carry of long guns.

The new private seller FOID deal is VOLUNTARY and billed as a protection for sellers. It is just another confusion and complication based delay tactic of attempted intimidation. On private land they cannot force display of FOID for handling firearms. That is just a rebirth if an old myth they used for years in stores in attempt to stop shoppers from daring to look at potential purchase.

The new "rules" are being withheld cuz the instant they "finalize them" they can be challenged - and they know it. Hilariously- the new carry law starts the process of eliminating the FOID altogether.

Make no mistake, this humdrum is nothing more than intentional confusion intended on disincentive regarding arms rights.

Carry applications are to start January 5 but you can ONLY apply for your permission slip online. This after you have paid a cool 500 bucks in poll taxes (remember when the jailed governed said he wanted FOID to cost 500 bucks?). Screw all those who refuse an online Obamacare experience right? Yeah, if you want a paper "application" you have to wait until July. More disincentive.

What saddens me most is watching the pathetic NRA and ISRA lackeys climb over top of one another trying to be first in complying with what are crystal clear infringements. All for their thirty pieces of training silver. That 300 dollar poll tax for "training". Of course the NRA is looking past things like that and other gun votes cuz they are LOVING the new found revenue stream - screw the rights defending thing they are gettin paid.

Understand this. ISP and other "officials" are literally shaking in their boots because people are finally going to be carrying and they are doing everything possible to scare all they can in any way they can into not doing so. They are creating an impossible web intended upon ensnaring those who do jump through every hoop.

I literally cannot wait until those bowing and begging find themselves hemmed up even after kissing the ring. There are a thousand "I told you so" comments coming. The ISRA and NRA SHOULD have opposed all this garbage all along, but they didn't. And now THEY will get the blame for the FUBAR that begins just days from now and as well they should. For they have created a false sense of security among their own members and they will be unable to help them once tangled because how can one now oppose that which they supported and helped implement?

Even the courts are trying to avoid accepting the Heller McDonald precedent and are slow playing it accordingly. For crying out loud, the legislature reinstalled the EXACT same language that was struck down as unconstitutional! Meet the new law - same as the old law - literally.

What the NRA can't get in donations it has arranged in "training" made mandatory. Folks around the country laughed at Illinois politics and ignored the cancerous nature of it. It went national with Obama. And folks think this NRA rot isn't going to do the same? Training based permission slips coming to a neighborhood near you soon! The NRA is working hard toward that end and it is succeeding.

Folks need to wake up to the actuality that the NRA is indeed the biggest and best disguised gun CONTROL group in this country. That proof is in its own pudding.

NRA - destroying the second amendment, one state preemption law at a time. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

No more then defacto gun control against private sales. If the state refuse to tell citizens how to comply with the law there is no way they can sell to another. So they get what they want. Same as with the closure of the last lead smelter and the soon to be announced ban against importation of foreign made ammo whether surplus or commerical. It all boils down to the same thing. Government run by tyrants refusing to follow Constitional rights of the citizens.