Sunday, December 29, 2013

“It is like a diseased town. There are a lot of predators.” Latest anecdotes from a collapsing civilization.

Hundreds of teens trash mall in wild flash mob.
600 People Brawl Outside Movie Theatre
An Epidemic of Carjackings Afflicts Newark
“It is like a diseased town,” said the Newark store owner, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution from the assailants in the Mercedes case, who have not been caught. “There are a lot of predators.”
Maybe they need more gun control, eh?


FedUp said...

Meanwhile, several members of a Milwaukee rape gang trade a few hours of community service for a year of vacation pay and a free pass on planting evidence to frame the innocent:

Anonymous said...

Yep, those new gun control laws are workin', eh? got the 'guns off the street'. uh-huh.

Trouble is, only the criminals had guns in the case with the carjacked and shot dead lawyer and his wife and the driver of the Mercedes E350 that was shot while trying to evade a gunman in Newark.

May issue, takes a year to get a permit if you're lucky and you can't carry hollow point. But the criminals sure as hell carry hollow point and don't need no stinkin permit.

Not that any of you anti-gunners read this blog, but we've been telling you fricking idiots for years, gun laws only take guns from law abiding citizens and you wouldn't believe us. How many more people have to get killed before you come to your senses??

Anonymous said...

Look for the new signs on the interstate welcoming folks into Connecticut: "Entering Connecticut - Welcome To The Coward State!"

Bear said...

RE: The mall "flash mob" (remember when those were called "riots"?)-

Seems the mall backed off on their "requirement" that teens "must" be accompanied by an adult over 21, and merely urged it. With the expected (non)results.

The Visigoths would be so proud.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, those Obama kids are just so cute. Aren't they? But will this be called a hate crime. No, I doubt it. But if the mall owners were black and the mob made up of white people then Dick Holder would ride to the rescue with Jessie and Uncle Al in tow. In the black community this is called "gettin' some back."

Anonymous said...

Well, they shot a LAWYER. That's a good start. Can they learn how to recognize politicians next? Maybe we can take up a collection and charter a bus to take a load of the gangbanging thugs to D.C. This trip would include a map of where all the Congress Critters hang out.

Erkl Holder said...

It's all because they are underprivileged; if only Al Gore's Midnight Basketball had received the trillion dollar federal budget that it needed!! Then these poor children would not be rioting, carjacking and getting bad marks on their permanent records!

Anonymous said...

Here's one demonstrating that it's already collapsed.

Depressed so banned for life from possessing firearms BUUUUT he's a cop so he can possess firearms while on duty.

Such is the idiocy presented when infringements are tolerated.

Anonymous said...

The Immutable Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again.

The more Nanny State there is (and gun-control laws that disarm honest citizens while leaving criminals armed is just one of many symptoms), the more unemployed disaffected youth (dare I say, "of color"?)there are to float around causing havoc, mayhem, and "flash riots".

And who's to stop these "flash mobsters"? The unarmed honest citizen? The too-few po-po who usually arrive only after the crime has been committed? ANyone who is afraid of "offending" those who are attacking them?

I'm glad I live Out West, where we still have a few shreds of our Constitutional rights, especially the right of armed self-defense.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

If they disarm their good people, they will have no good people left. I just hope that all of those 'good people' don't move next door to me. Perhaps they will just stay where they are.

Anonymous said...

Re: All those people in Connecticut lining up to register their weapons, my one and only thought was:

That's what the 97%'ers looks like.

Anonymous said...

1. Point gun at predator
2. Pull trigger
3. OOPs! Predator Protection Zone
4. No Gun = no car


Anonymous said...

What happens during a Black Out or an all out collapse in our society such has currency collapse or God forbid a food shortage?

The people that will brawl in the street or fight over junk made in China will not hesitate to use violence to get what they need to survive.

I literally see the possibility of a Road warrior type situation if a major collapse occurs.

I believe these people will revert to cannibalism; Lawn Pig any one?

May I suggest everyone have a large cache of supplies well hidden out of the reach of these individuals

Anonymous said...

... and a community CAT D9 with some bags of quicklime ...

For disease control!


Anonymous said...

Something else to keep in mind when TSHTF is that Holder will take the side of the savages against the civilized people who are defending themselves. Mark my words, when a neighborhood, city or town gets real with these thugs, Holder will not side with the defenders, but with the aggressors.

That scenario could be our nation's Reichstag fire.

Anonymous said...

If Obongo had a class reunion, it would look like the flash-mob mall brawl.