Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Defiance: 'Toys for totalitarians' kicks into high gear

"Patriots from around the country have stated repeatedly for at least a year that if certain anti-gun states succeed in passing laws that infringe on the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, a systematic program of smuggling would ensue as an act of disobedience and defiance. Citizens will see to it that fellow citizens who live in the oppressive states will continue to have access to 'forbidden' guns and magazines."

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Anonymous said...

I liked the concluding paragraphs:

True to their word, this is precisely what Vanderboegh has done in launching his Toys for Totalitarians program. In many ways this initiative is but a symbolic gesture indicating what thousands if not millions of freedom-loving citizens will do in the event of more restrictive gun laws.

Remember that more alcohol flowed during Prohibition than when it was legal, eventually forcing the progressives in government to back off and repeal the oppressive law.

If the country continues down its present path, there is no doubt whatsoever that citizens will insure that even more guns, ammunition, and magazines will be flowing into the hands of Americans who want them.

Let this be a word to the wise, to those who are still rational adults in spite of the fact that many of their elected leaders have reverted back into childhood and live in a fantasy world. Most Americans still don't want government telling them what to do. Cross the line they have drawn in the sand, and you will discover how serious they are about that basic premise.