Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Praxis: MWG IK-520 40-Round Magazines

"Overall, I’m pretty happy with the MWG mags. They’re not something that I’d use in a competition, but for practice sessions they’d be just fine. The only problem is the price — PMAG 40-round magazines are exactly one dollar more — and those work all the time, every time. So, given the option, I’d prefer to lay down the extra samolian for the real McCoy."
My question: Are they worth the extra outlay on gear, mag pouches, etc.?

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Anonymous said...

A very good question, Mike. I have the same question and am struggling with justifying the increased cost over 12 or 13 bucks for 30rd Pmags.

10more rounds is a good thing to be sure but:
They don't fit in my gear, except TACO's, but they really stick up, possibly hindering movement (belt webgear).
You can't go prone with a 40. Tough enough with a 30.
I can buy three Pmag window type for two of the 40's.
It's easier to 'Ranger tape' two 30's together for 60rds than fool with a 40 or even a Ranger taped pair of 40's-and you can still go prone with the 'Ranger 60'.

The 40 is a neat idea and kudos to Magpul for developing it, but I just don't see it as completely practical.