Tuesday, December 31, 2013

All fish fired. Tie the broom to the mast, boys. Toys for Totalitarians report.

A broom on the U.S.S. Wahoo periscope on her return to Pearl Harbor, 1943. The broom indicates the oceans were "swept clean". The pennant reads, "Shoot the sunza bitches".
It is an age-old naval tradition beginning, I am proud to say, in the 1650s, when the Dutch Admiral Maarten Tromp, decisively whupped the British in the First Anglo-Dutch War, to hang or lash a broom to the mast signifying you have swept your enemy from the seas. In World War II, as can be seen above, the broom meant that a submarine had expended all its torpedoes at enemy targets.
Well, tie the broom to the mast, boys and girls. We've expended all our fish in the general direction of the enemy in the Toys for Totalitarians campaign. With the last four fired yesterday, we have a total of seven still in the water. I will report as they "hit."
As the David Gregory post indicated, we have also sent some fish to members of the "news media," and the final four are the best of all, although you'll have to wait for them to be signed for before I reveal those targets.
My apologies for being late to release the comments from yesterday. I came in about 6PM from picking up Rosie and I crapped out, falling asleep and not waking up until after midnight.
With the previous smuggling and the TFT campaign, we have now expended all the magazines y'all donated over the past months. If I had had more in the TFT effort (and the postage to send them on their way), I would have fired off more. In total we have smuggled, publicly and privately, more than 300 mags to CT, NY, MD and CO. To continue the smuggling campaign, we'll need more if you can give 'em.
I'll have updates as the final gifts track to their destinations.
Here's a graphic that David Codrea created. Pretty funny. But I still like the original better.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. But remember: The torpedoes the USN sent out on those boats had the Mark XIV torpedo with the Mark VI exploder...


Anonymous said...

I sure hope the "torpedo" of fish that you sent was a stinking pile of rotten guts full of maggots to the traitors in the media.