Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sunnyvale, CA 'high capacity' mag ban also affects cops, but not enough of them

Police officers in Sunnyvale, California discovered to their sudden dismay that the city's new ban (a confiscatory ban) on "high capacity" magazines (gun prohibitionist zealot-speak for standard capacity magazines that can hold 11 or more rounds) applies even to them, while not on duty.


Anonymous said...

why not make it fair..lol

make them go low capacity even on duty..rule of law applies to ALL.. or NONE!

Anonymous said...

As a Sunnyvale resident I had the opportunity to vote against Measure C. It passed about 66%/33% or so. I also wrote to city council candidates. My conclusion drawn from their responses is that they were mostly clueless about the impact and implications of Measure C, and mostly impervious to education. The NRA has filed suit against Sunnyvale, challenging the constitutionality of the magazine ban. If the suit goes well, it could topple the State magazine ban. Don't hold your breath -- the 9th Circus Court of Appeals isn't exactly gun friendly.