Thursday, September 19, 2013

NRA mantra of "Enforce Existing Gun Laws" comes back to bite them in the ass.

That paragon of Second Amendment rectitude Charlie Rangel writes: "That is why I am fighting to pass the Enforce Existing Gun Laws Act. My bill does nothing to the millions of law-abiding American gun owners already enjoying their Second Amendment rights. What it does is remove the intolerable restrictions on the ATF."
Oh, great. Absolutely. That's all we need is to further empower an agency still unrepentant for a whole host of constitutional sins, of which Fast & Furious is but the latest. And he's using the NRA's own words against them -- and us. Pretty slick, Charlie. Pretty slick.
LATER: David Codrea comments here that "Charlie's on board with you, Wayne. Now what? I still haven't had anyone who parrots that stupid line explain to me how it's any different from saying 'Enforce existing Intolerable Acts.'"


Anonymous said...

"Existing gun laws" include the restrictions to which Dipshit Rangel refers. Hey Mike, Rangel is lying when he uses the above-quoted phrase to describe his bill. Don't you use the words of the NRA to augment Rangel's lies just because you don't like the NRA! I've about had it with your constant and overblown criticism of the biggest organization whose power helps keep our 2nd Amendment in effect.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

It's not biting THEM, it's biting US. It's just like the whole "hunting" factor. That stems from the wretched NRA also.
Permits and training and that bogus ban on automatics - along with "background" checks have their roots with the NRA also.

I've said it once ill say it again ill say it a million times.
The MRA is the biggest and best disguised GUN CONTROL
Group in this country. Some don't like to face that reality but a clear view of history shows us all that its true.

Negotiating Rights Away - one legislative action at a time.

It's happening in SPADES right now in Illinois as the NRA openly helps implement legislation it refused to oppose but instead joined DEMOCRATS in helping to pass "the strictest shall issue legislation in the country" And it is so corrupt that its lobbyist brags that "we are winning" legislatively. Yeah, when the "we" is those who stand to enrich themselves by providing "training" mandated by "law".

Wanna exercise your rights? Well you gotta pay government AND the NRA hundreds of dollars for permission! So the fact is WE are being bitten THEY are laughing all the way to the bank.

Yank lll said...

Charlie Rangel is a crooked and disgusting excuse for an American but a perfect example of a turncoat and traitor..
and No, I don't care that he's a vet.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

Lol @Old Greybeard. He sounds there like an Obama supporter who just got told some truth about the Usurper and because he has no substance with which to counter he says "you just don't like him cuz he's black".

Old grey - the NRA is responsible for the actions it takes - even if you wish that wasn't the case. It's called RESPONSIBILITY!

After the tremendous VICTORY in the 7th circuit, the NRA openly lobbied AGAINST Constitutional Carry and instead advocated FOR"the strictest shall issue legislation in the country". After its passage it now "helps" imposition of that clusterfuck legislation it went "NEUTRAL" on at the last minute.

The only thing the NRA is accomplishing today is ensuring that government retains control over the Second Amendment so long as the NRA can make money "training" and seek donations with the claim of opposing the very legislation IT HELPS usher through.

You know what I'm sick of? Folks who think the NRA is something it isn't and just refuses to not only look at longstanding history about its actions but also absolutely refuses to look at what that gun control organization is doing TODAY in the here and now and even go one step further playing the Obama card against those willing to step up and tell the simple straightforward TRUTH about what's going on.

Bro, you might be a honest to goodness true blue Second Amendment defender. You might be a dedicated defender of Individual Liberty willing to fight and even die to protect it but the fact of the matter is the NRA is truthfully and demonstrably NOT what you self evidently either want or think it to be.

Paul X said...

There is far too much respect for law. Let's take it as it really is: the petty dictates of the kind of people you would personally prefer to shield your wife and children from. Liars, thieves and murderers, all (now that Ron Paul is gone).