Thursday, September 26, 2013

Two doctors' appointments yesterday, one more today and I apparently have to remind Eric Holder that there are STILL no more free Wacos..

I'll try to have more later. This is darned inconvenient, for there is apparently more trouble brewing with the ATF laying down the predicate for another attempted Waco. Will let you know the details when I get them, if I can. In the mean time, refer back to this epistle to the heathen from 2009.
LATER: Also see David Codrea's take here.


SWIFT said...

I have been target practicing the last two days. I want to be totally "zeroed" in, for rumors I've heard about this fall. Not that the rumors alone,hold any credibility for me, but your next post, on a possible Waco, might change all that. So, in the meantime, I'll target practice yet again today. At a, come-as-you-are-party, I still refuse to go half dressed.

Anonymous said...

Cripes.....they're going to try and pull some shit again...really?? You know those thugs are not going to back off. Considering all that's going on these days and the obvious preps the fed has been making to wage war against the people of this land, a perfect storm is brewing..

Charles N. Steele said...

I posted this on Codrea's site and am reposting here. You're both doing heroic work, but what's going on here? If it's worth mentioning, it's worth explaining, and if it's too sensitive to explain, you shouldn't be mentioning in public, IMO.

"IMO it's not so good to be opaque. Even if you don't name names & places, at least a general outline of what seems to be up is warranted... other wise there's no need to mention to the public, since you can contact ATF, DoJ, etc. directly."

Dutchman6 said...

Charles, we are not being cute. You must understand that we are read by many OFUs -- Official Folks, Unfriendly (or words to that effect) -- and at the same time the legal case of the target of this threat (as with several targets in the past) is not well-served by specific publicity at the moment. Disinformation sometimes gets planted to see how people will react. Yet in this case, there are both rumors and official communications leading to a calculation of "intentions of the enemy" in certain bloody directions.

How then to let the OFUs know that we know what is up within their nefarious skulls up there in Mordor-on-the-Potomac? Just so. This is a cold war of nerves we fight, and has been since the 90s.

If you go to my original letter to Holder in 2009, you will see that the intended victim there wasn't named either.

There come times that the rattlesnake must rattle, even if it doesn't reveal which bush it is under. A reminder of the general formulation of "no more free Wacos" was judged to be both important and timely, since to count on the adult supervision and informed institutional memory of either the ATF or Main Justice is a slender reed indeed -- and a man's life may be at stake.

These OFUs get focused on their target without considering the larger ramifications and unintended consequences of their actions. Like the FBI SAC in New Mexico, they have to be reminded a la Bob Wright, "Why would I want to do that?" (Go to another state in the event of another Waco.) "There's plenty of you federal sonsabitches around here."

Hope this helps explain the purpose of both the posts and their maddening unspecificity.

Charles N. Steele said...

Thanks for the response. I see your point, and accept your (and David's) judgement on this.