Sunday, September 22, 2013

Vt. Sportsmen’s group files FOIA to head off Burlington ‘gun control’

Long known for comparatively lenient gun laws and a demonstrably low homicide rate attributable to firearm abuse, moves are nonetheless underway by extreme anti-gun elements to undermine Vermont’s state preemption for firearms laws and enact draconian new edicts.


Anonymous said...

I DESPISE "state preemption".
The right to keep and bear arms is FEDERALLY PREEMPTED - retained SPECIFICALLY by the PEOPLE as a matter of RIGHT. This is not a power delegated to state government even ambiguously! It is crystal clear that the AUTHORITY over the LIBERTY to keep and bear arms rests with each person as an individual fundamental inalienable PRE EXISTING RIGHT.

Folks, stop being suckered by the idea that state preemption is a GOOD thing. It is NOT. It's a TERRIBLE concession that should NOT be accepted.

Now that the facade is broken with the entry of INCORPORATION- its time to tell the simple TRUTH about "state law" and its bogus INFRINGING reality.

Wake up America.

Anonymous said...

A tip of the hat to the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs for publicizing this latest incursion by Bloomberg's collectivists into our state. The state preemption law follows our state's constitution, and did away with a myriad of local ordinances that attempted to curtail gun owners' rights. That is why Vermont's approach to firearm rights remains the closest to the Founders' intent after 200 years. I feel the state preemption law is an additional protection to our liberty. Others opinions may vary. GC