Friday, September 27, 2013

How come I never happen across stuff like this?

MAC-11 subcompact machine pistol found at NY's JFK.


FedUp said...

From the Contradicting Ourselves department:

Spokesman Joe Pentangelo said only a controlled group of people have access to the office, which is located in Terminal 1, outside the secure area. It was not immediately clear if the office was publicly accessible.

---I guess it's not immediately clear whether "a controlled group" includes every member of the general public.

RustyGunner said...

It's the same thing as that wonderful street with all the guns on it that police chiefs get so worked up about -- I've searched Google Street View for hours and I just can't find it.

Frederick H Watkins said...

You know Mike, if you did just happen to run across something like that it would most likely be a plant from you know who.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

This article is even dumber, calling it both a "machine gun," and semi-automatic.

Tom said...

Nobody that anybody can recall ever did a production semi MAC 11 variant. Some have been rumoured to have been done individually, which actually would make them more usable, instead of near instant mag dumps. Don't think any would have been done after open-bolt semis became frowned upon. It would be a pointless large amount of work and still be NFA.

The standard production ones are pretty pointless, quite chunky for being designed around a concealed carry round.

Tom said...

Update and mea-culpa, via a DUF list member in cyberspace. Just because I didn't know anybody who'd seen one and hadn't seen one, doesn't make what I though entirely so:

"About 1979 to 1982, an open bolt semi version of the M11 .380 submachine gun was sold. Beginning around 1983 and, off and on, to present day, a semiauto version of both the M11 and the M11/9 has been sold. The M11/9 is a stretched, 9x19 caliber version of the original .380 M11. Full auto versions are available of both types, both transferable and dealer sales samples."

Amigo SPW caveat, that you know, but always important for those that don't, albeit everybody that reads here probably is cognizant... : "This may be a slight oversimplification but, because of the relative ease in converting open-bolt, semi-auto firearms to full-auto, F Troop rescinded the approvals for such firearms to be sold in the US. As a result, some of the guns that look like “machine pistols” have been made and sold in full-auto, semi-auto/open-bolt and semi-auto/closed bolt versions. Due to the Hughes Amendment to FOPA 86, machine guns not registered by the May 19, 1986 cutoff date are not legally transferable to private citizens."

--Funny, the number in my "prove I'm not a robot" stuff was 380.