Thursday, September 26, 2013

Law Enforcement vs. The Second Amendment

“I’m offended by your misleading ads on gun control rights. We need to pass the assault weapon law restricting the ownership and use. I’m a federal Law Enforcement officer who has been on both side of this contentious issue. I do not want to face criminals who out gun me. Your tactics are doing just that. Everyone killed by an assault rifle in the US should sue you for your political stand. You advocate a very dangerous position that does not serve the interest of public safety. Also, The second amendment does NOT give you the right to bear arms. That is given to US citizens in case law supporting the second amendment. The Second AMENDMENT gives you the right to bear arms in order to form a militia only. Once again you mislead the american public. This country will never repair it’s problems unless we can come together, find common ground. The Brady Bill was just that. Common ground. You need to find it in your heart what is best for this great country, not you own personal self interest.”
Little Jimmy Vann, is that you?


SWIFT said...

This Federal law enforcement officer/special agent, needs to consider a different occupation. Perhaps he/she should consider being a librarian. Whoops. Skip that. Librarians displayed more principal than most, when it came to standing up to the Patriot Act. Hmmmm, how about a florist? The occasional trip to a funeral home shouldn't cause overwhelming mental stress. Nah! There are already to many people on Prozac. Now, for my favorite; ever consider suicide, you delusional punk?

GODgivenRights said...

Actually the second amendment, nor any of the bill of rights, do not GIVE me anything. It simply states a pre-existing rights granted me by GOD. It's because of people like you that our founders decided these rights needed to be spelled out in so many words. BTW when the militia's are formed here in the near future I would imagine people like you and people like me, will be the first to go. It would have been nice if more like you could have seen they were nothing more than jack booted koolaid drinking check cashing thugs, and supported the III percenters.

Anonymous said...

This is one who would kill folks that refused to turn in their guns. I don't see any understanding of the 2nd on his part - what a surprise!


Anonymous said...

Hey flithead.....if "everyone killed by an assault rifle should sue"....please, just explain to me how the FUCK this can be accomplished when they are DEAD...?? are right in saying that the 2A does not give anyone the right to bear arms. Our rights do not come from pieces of paper or groups of people, they come from GOD Almighty. What the 2A does is state that the GOVERNMENT is NOT ALLOWED to infringe on anyone's rights.

Are we Clear?

Anonymous said...

Well, mister fancy pants federal agent, I'm a deputy sheriff and I wish every able-bodied and stable-minded male and female citizen had an AR with at least 180 rds close by, and carried them everywhere they went. We'd sure as hell have a lot less crime. Uphold your oath, you arrogant bastard! You disturb me.

Anonymous said...

whole article is well worth reading
It's often pointed out that without the top four American cities for homicide -- Washington, Chicago (newly crowned murder capital of the USA), Detroit, and New Orleans, the U.S. would have one of the lowest murder rates in the industrialized world.

Too often 2nd Amendment advocates merely defend gun ownership. The best defense is a good offense. Make them explain why these atrocities always seem to occur in their bailiwicks, under the protection of their rules and laws, and by the hands of their protected classes -- lunatics or select social or religious oddities. That will be enough to throw them off their stride before they can erupt into their customary tantrums. They might even forget to mention the mighty AR-15


RVN11B said...

Hello there Mr. Fed! How are you feeling today? Everything OK?
Have a nice breakfast? Good BM after?
Good! Now after changing your bed linen and airing out the piss smell from your room, lets work on your comprehension skills.
Because you have completely failed in reading and comprehending the constitution and in particular the 2nd amendment.
Now before we begin look up the words inalienable, infringe, and the phrase, the people.

Afterwards we will work on remembering to wear your T shirts right side out and how to tie your shoes.

Ed said...

Sounds like someone is in need of a reeducation camp experience, especially as it concerns the civil liberties of the population vs. an individual government employee's need to feel comfortable.

Anonymous said...

I recommend everyone do a search for "the most dangerous jobs in America" & see just how dangerous law enforcement is. Interestingly, sales clerk used to be # 8.

Ed said...

I did search online for "the most dangerous jobs in America":

Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers did not even make it to the Top Ten on the list.

Remy Levine said...

Heck, go for it. Every person attacked in the US with a legally owned assault weapon can sue away. Oh, we have to use the REAL definition though. Selective fire personal weapon designed for military use and featuring an intermediate cartridge and removable magazine... If we open it up to whatever someone considers an assault weapon we better include the far more common weapons used in assaults, like hammers, knives, crow bars, baseball bats, hockey sticks, heck, almost every other kind of potential weapon is more commonly used than legally owned actual assault weapons. The only incident I'm aware of was actually committed by a corrupt cop with his personally owned full auto machine pistol, which would still not qualify due to the wrong kind of cartridge. We can also argue the legality since he was corrupt and a criminal before committing the murder involving that weapon. He just hadn't been convicted.

So, the one or two per decade, at most, can sue and it can get argued out in court long enough for the judge to toss it on the same grounds as the commercial for ice cream not being to blame for people being fat.