Saturday, September 21, 2013

Another typical collectivist calling for the death of children of those who disagree with the party line.

"Remember the only difference between a socialist and a communist is that a socialist is a communist who has not yet found his AK-47 nor worked up the guts to use it, whereas a communist is a socialist who has found his Kalashnikov and is more than willing to use it on his political enemies." -- Mike Vanderboegh (just a little lesson I taught my kids when they were growing up.)
Democratic Official Allan Brauer Wishes Death on Ted Cruz Aide’s Children


SWIFT said...

I have to wonder if Allan Brauer will get a visit from the FBI for a potential hate crime. After all, they visit right-wing bloggers and individuals for a whole lot less. Who am I trying to shit? Brauer being a democrat party operative and suporter of the commie administration, makes him an "untouchable". Dark days for being a right-winger in contemporary America.

Anonymous said...

I'm for dividing the country into liberal & conservative & let the people vote with their feet. The left will soon collapse without the right to prop them up.

Anonymous said...

If I happened to be anywhere near the home of Allan Brauer, I just might drop some dry "Ready Mix" Concrete powder down his sewer clean-out plug. Once it sets up, whenever he flushes his toilet he will get to experience the wonderful feeling of his toilet overflowing and getting his feet wet with both Poop and Pee. So far it has had a 100% success rate each and every time I have used it.

Anonymous said...

... to say nothing about the plumber's bill to fix it.

Watch out guys. Cameras are everywhere these days.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

The only thing he's "sorry" about is the heat he's gotten for his tweets.