Thursday, September 26, 2013

Smokin' it. F Troop strikes again. Once again I ask, "Where's the promised ATF oversight hearings, Congressman Issa?"

ATF's cigarette stings had 'serious lack of oversight,' audit finds.
The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives could not account for what happened to 2 million cartons of cigarettes, with a retail value of more than $127 million, according to the auditors.
In one sting — which was done without approval of ATF supervisors — an informant working for the agents received nearly all of the sting's $5 million in profit, supposedly for expenses and commissions.
But ATF agents could not provide paperwork to support the informant's expenses. Auditors did not disclose where that operation was conducted.
Profits from that operation were deposited into the account of a different ATF sting in another state, which is a violation of the statutory requirements, the auditors found. The report does not indicate if ATF agents are under criminal investigation for that operation or the millions in missing cigarettes.
Here's the audit. Your tax dollars at work. Once again I ask, "Where's the promised ATF oversight hearings, Congressman Issa?"
LATER: See also "ATF as Incompetent (or Corrupt) with Tobacco as It Is with Firearms." I vote corrupt. Ascribing this serial criminality to the excuse of incompetence is giving them far too much credit and frankly is an insult to honest incompetents everywhere.


SWIFT said...

How many screw-ups does it take to get someone's attention? Other than a pissed off public, no one in Washington pays attention to the criminality of the ATF! The worst part is; we only know about a small fraction of their wrong-doing. They are worse criminals than the people they allegedly pursue. What moral person would seek a career with such bottom feeders? Sub-human carp!

kadar said...

The report is of an audit of 35 investigations. The ATF does thousands of investigations a year. Imagine the ones we are not being told about.