Monday, September 23, 2013

More on the latest Muslim inter-faith outreach in Kenya. 'Five of the Kenyan mall massacre gunmen are American'

Against kuffars make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war to strike terror into the (hearts of) the Enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others beside, whom you may not know, but whom Allah does know. Whatever you shall spend in the Cause of Allah, shall be repaid to you, and you shall not be treated unjustly. (Qur'an: 8:60)
Check out the photos of the miscellany of firearms in the hands of the security forces. Standardization doesn't seem to be their strong suit.



Look at the first pic of the guys with the M4 and the FAL. The M4 sights are grossly misaligned. I cropped and enarged the pic and overlayed lines along the barrel axis and the sight axis. This guys rounds are going to be in the dirt at any but a close range shot.

We have you in our prayers.

Da Curly Wolf said...

I like the photo labeled "Kenyan policemen gather for a briefing near the Westgate Shopping Centre in the capital Nairobi, September 23, 2013"

Yep...notice the asshole on the cellphone. yep...they are really concerned with doing a briefing.

Anonymous said...

In the same way that the fictional work by Tom Clancy "Debt of Honor" was a preview of the 9-11 attack vector, Stephen Hunter's "Soft Target" is a preview of a well-planned mall attack in America.

"...10,000 people jam the corridors of America’s largest shopping mall. 9,988 of them have come to shop. The other 12 have come to kill."

Makes you want to shop only by e-commerce.


Anonymous said...

apropos of your sidebar quotes:

[Alan] Moorehead also recorded
an unsettling insight into
the intransigence of Gandhi.
Challenged about the possible
effects of relying on passive
resistance to dissuade the
Japanese, Gandhi was forced
into his fallback position of
averring that not even the
Japanese could kill every

Moorehead was a war correspondent in WWWI,
delivered msgs from
Auchinleck to Wavell
in India (as well as
reporting on the North
African campaigns.) He
had some idea of what
Nazi Germany and the
Soviet Union were like.

from Clive James
Cultural Amnesia
"Alan Moorhead"

all the best, cycjec

Anonymous said...

My my. You would think that Dear Leader, aka the Kenyan Overlord would hurry home to take charge of this emergency in his "home country" as the Worst Lady refers to that third world shit hole where this turd was spawned.

Roger J said...

I'm glad I don't have to be in charge of handing out ammo for that miscellany of firearms. The photog missed picturing the guy with the 98k Mauser...I'm sure he was there somewhere...

On a grimmer note, coming to a shopping mall near you, thanks to the "Peaceful religion."

Glad you're doing better, Mike.

Anonymous said...

The M-4 in the first pic has a flip-up rear sight - it's folded down. :-) Maybe he removed his optic and forgot to pop it up.

AJ said...

Roger J said .."coming soon to a mall near you, thanks to the Peaceful religion."

That is incorrect, sir. It will be coming soon to a mall near us thanks to US foreign policy, CIA training of Al-qaeda terrorists (since the 70s), and desperate need of our wanna-be overlords to create false-flag attacks in order to instill fear in the masses.

Anonymous said...

Ammo requirements are just 5.56mm and 7.62mm NATO, plus 7.62x39mm Soviet.

What would be an armorer's nightmare is the magazine supply--I spotted M4s, L1A1s, AKMs, G3s, FN SCAR (I believe), and pistols of every shape and size. Their magazine room must look like the grab bag at a gun show.

We have the victims of this abomination in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

This will be typical of CWII: Locals have AKs (old & cheap); second tier have G3s & FNFAL (308 reliable); crack troops & paras have the new stuff - BUT if you look entire unit has same equipment. Not unlike US units prior to WWII.

Anonymous said...

Typical TOE for most of the third world. I remember seeing the Indian military mobilizing because of a border dispute with Pakistan. Their troops were armed with everything from BREN guns and MG 42's to Enfields and FN-FAL's. With a hodge podge of about everything you could imagine from WWII to the current date. Not seen were M-16's nor AK's. Even the transport was ancient by current military standards. Old American built weapons carriers, British lorries. No armoured vehicles were seen or even APC's. Because of Europe's colonical history in Africa it stands to reason that a lot of the old stuff was left for the military and police after the Yurps left. Most of these countries don't have the money for weapons and modern military hardware. That is one reason that a lot of thugs end up in those armies. They use the positions to extort money and other goods and services from the populations.