Sunday, September 22, 2013

Unable to control the violent predators that are his responsibility, this taxfeeder in one of the most corrupt political machines on the planet wants your rifle.

Chicago Police Chief Calls for Nationwide Assault Weapon and High-Capacity Magazine Ban


Anonymous said...

How does this guy even know that a so-called 'high-capacity' mag was used?? It doesn't take but a second to swap out a 5-round mag for a fresh one, showing the futility and senselessness of banning larger capacity mags.

Instead, go after the gangs. Kill them all, instead of coddling them all. You won't have to take out too many to have an instant impact, for they are cowards every one, as evidenced by shooting at children.


Anonymous said...

They do not want the gangs gone, pure and simple. Birds of a feather and all. Remember it is all about control of the masses, and when this tender box does go up, there will be yet another alliance between the "official" government and the "gangster" gangs to be unofficial police for specific areas to maintain said control. This way the "official" government can at least pretend to be the head GANG boss and steal away as much of everyone else's wealth (and resources)as they can. It has never been about doing the right thing for these people. Corruption RULES the vast majority of PDs and the lack of real painful consequences is the proof. Move to an era where there is even less accountability, well it doesn't take a great deal of critical thinking to foresee the results.

Anonymous said...

Go after "gangs"? Yeah, like Threepers or Tea Partiers huh? "Going after "gangs" is just another fallacy like "assault rifles" designed to keep the COLLECTIVIST dogma in place.

Go after the SHOOTER! The INDIVIDUAL. End the governmental disarmament of innocent people.

Take note of the safe passage debacle. That's REALLY just two steps away from ADMISSION. first step is that GOOD guys need to be posted literally on every corner and the second step is that those good guys HAVE TO BE ARMED!

The REAL SOLUTION requires stark admission. Gun control is the PROBLEM. Government imposed collective responsibility replacing INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY is the PROBLEM.

SO DON'T BE FOOLED! Do not buy into the "gang" facet of the fabrication. Remember - there is a right to assemble, to free association (yes it must be peacefully). Do NOT fall into the trap of this idea that curtailing liberty is the solution to anything. It's not, it never has been and it never will be. The solution rests in RESTORING liberties - rights exercised - unabridged and uninfringed

Lets demand EXPANSION of liberty instead of being conned into supporting more "regulation" which is really just retraction.

Paul X said...

"Instead, go after the gangs. Kill them all..."

Hard to do when the cops ARE the gangs, or at least have a relationship with them.

The solution is to end all the prohibitions and mala prohibita "crimes". Then almost all the violence would disappear. But that would put the prison industrial complex out of business, so that's not going to happen...

This chief owes his job to the violence, so he's just shedding crocodile tears.

Anonymous said...

So apparently this maroon thinks that he has any say so about what happens elsewhere when he can't even clean up his own town and the violent criminals that terrorize the ordinary Citizens. Hey maroon, IF you can fix your problems you might have some reason to try to foist your beliefs on the rest of us, until then, mind your own business.
BTW - how are those draconian gun laws working out for ya???