Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gov Quinn mulls sending military into blood-soaked 'gun control' capital Chicago

Why is it that those who rail against so-called "weapons of war in our communities" are so quick to send the military into those same communities?


bondmen said...

Yes, whatever the situation the leftist, progressive, National Socialists think We The People incapable of dealing with problems wrought by their inane policies, unable to correct the wrongs by ourselves under reasonable, righteous thinking people power. Is it because they've experienced so many ignorant and stupid fellow travelers (their voters) to know they aren't competent or capable enough to punch their way out of a wet paper bag without government agents telling them the how-tos? Or is it also because they love gun power and the threat of it but only in hands they control and direct?

Anonymous said...

I guess his confidence is low that the NRA helping the state police impose the latest gun control legislation will work.

All the while, here we sit. Disarmed by government sitting ducks. But hey we can start the expensive process of trading away multiple enumerated rights along with hundreds of dollars in order to beg for a permission slip IF WE THEN "qualify " come January. MAYBE THEN , come May the first of the slaves MIGHT be allowed to carry firearms in some places - though under threat of being shit by cops as the Chicago top cop enunciated several times or arrested for not measuring how far people are from this that or the other prohibited place or adjacent.

Shame on Quinn. Shame on the legislature and shame on the NRA, ISRA and other local "advocacy" groups. So enthralled are they at getting a piece of the training funds that they sold us all out for the thought of getting their thirty pieces of silver.

Meanwhile the killing fields of Illinois continue unabated.
But hey, send in those donations cuz those lobby groups are "advancing" the right to carry. Uh huh the only thing their pansy asses are advancing is government control over rights. But hey at least they are gettin paid just like the crack dealer on the corner.

When it mattered most, all the Lobby groups stood down. They bowed. They refused to openly oppose this idiocy. They threw us all under the bus. Quinn and his I'll have imposed unconstitutional policy that quite literally sees people die by the dozens daily. Those HELPING him and his party and his administration SHARE the guilt as they now share in the fleecing called "training ".

What those FOOLS don't understand and DONT CARE ABOUT is that many will just have to continue to carry ILLEGALLY because that cool 500 bucks for the prints the training the ammo and the fees has to go to GROCERIES to feed the KIDS and to doctors and pharmacies instead of lining their horses assed pockets.

So go ahead you judas bastards. Enjoy all that money you stand to make training people. Live it up and when you close your eyes to go to sleep I hope you have visions of those poor souls that you tossed under the bus. I hope their deaths and their jail terms haunt you endlessly. Turncoat traitors is what you are! And now they all have to live with what they did - forever. Enjoy your blood money- one training session at a time. Do just know that the body count will continue while you do so.

Fucksticks. The lot of you greedy loyalist pricks for being willing to sacrifice EVERYONES rights for your own personal pocketbook enrichment. Pathetic.

Allen said...

I'm all for a takeover of chicago along the same lines at Athens,TN 1946