Thursday, September 26, 2013

I have been invited to speak at this event in San Antonio on 19 October

I think I can work this will actually work in well with the planned October smuggling operations. Also, perhaps I will get a chance to apologize to Warrior Class in person then.


Anonymous said...

See if you can't get some press weenie to photograph you inside the Alamo. After all, if old man McCain can do a press show and tell inside there, why not everyone? ;)

Anonymous said...

OUTSTANDING!! I was hoping they would invite you for this. I wanted to drive up to Temple in May but was not able to do so. For this it will be a matter of catching a bus downtown.

Not sure I'll chance open carrying, though. I spent 16 months in the jaws of leviathan and have no special desire to run afoul of our "progressive" {hack} {cough} {spit!!} local legal system. Besides a Mayor who spoke at the Dhimmicrat Convention last year, we have a far left District Attorney who the local law enforcement unions will not endorse. The only LE bigwig around here who is a conservative is the county sheriff - a retired USAF Lieutenant General (female no less so you know she has her s**t together). Our Chief of Police learned his job in such notable conservative strongholds as Cleveland and Mordor on the Potomac. I'm not sure how likely SAPD - augmented by LEOs from surrounding cities, towns and counties - is to pull something but the Chief has already shown a penchant for totally misquoting statutes and then having his people act as though the Chief's rendering were the law.